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A Wind in the House of Islam


A Wind in the House of Islam
Author: David Garrison, Publisher: WIGTake, Format: Paperback

Thirteen centuries of Muslim / Christian contact saw only one voluntary movement of Muslims to Christ (compared to millions of Christians being assimilated into the Muslim world during that long period), yet over the couple decades more than 60 new movements have emerged. The author defines movements as at least a thousand baptisms or 100 fellowships. What’s happening? Why now? “A Wind in the House of Islam” takes you from Africa to Indonesia, asking a thousand Muslim-background believers: What did God use to bring you to faith in Jesus Christ? Research for this book has taken the author to every corner of the Muslim world over the last two years; you will want to read it!

pray4them wristband


Pray4Them Wristband / Bracelet

Attractive dark gray or three-color silicone wristband with a debossed prayer reminder: Prayer Makes A Difference.

As Christians we resist the temptation to be caught up in generalizations, anger, hate or fear toward anyone. In the climate following the 9/11-terrorism attack, here is a proven tool to direct our focus more prayerfully, Christ-like and constructively. Show your response and participation by wearing this wristband, and help get the word out that prayer can change the world. Order ten wristbands for others!

7th Edition of Operation World

7th Edition

Operation World (7th edition)

Product Description

Operation World is the definitive global prayer and mission handbook that will help focus your heart and life towards God’s passion for this world.

With over 1 million copies of past versions being sold, this all new 7th edition has been completely updated and revised by Jason Mandryk and covers the entire populated world.

Muslims, Christians, and Jesus (DVD)


Muslims, Christians, and Jesus (DVD)
Author: Carl Medearis, Publisher: Zondervan, Format: DVD

Gaining Understanding and Building Relationships. According to author Carl Medearis, how Christians respond to Islam and how Christians think of Muslims could be the most significant issues of our time.

In this four-session video study (designed to be used with a 92-page separate participant’s guide), Medearis helps American Christians understand the basics of Islam, the difference between “moderate” Muslims and radical terrorists, the Muslim view of Jesus, and how we as Christians should interact with our Muslim neighbors, friends, and coworkers. From the Ground Zero mosque to whether we believe in the same God, Medearis also addresses key questions and responses to the current Muslim/Christian tensions facing our society.

Beyond The Crescent Curtain


Beyond The Crescent Curtain
Author: David LeCompte, Publisher: In His Fields, Format: Paperback

(Foreword by Don McCurry) Immerse yourself in the real-life stories David recounts in ‘Beyond the Crescent Curtain’ and discover how God is transforming the hearts and lives of Muslims in often miraculous ways. From the story of an Islamic terrorist who gave up jihad to follow Jesus, to the account of a former colonel in Saddam Hussein’s special forces who discovered the true God in an Arabic Bible …

This book will captivate, challenge, and inspire you. Above all, it will transform your heart and perspective toward the Muslim people as you see them through the eyes of the God who loves them and sent His Son to die for them.

Breakthrough - paperback



The Return of Hope to the Middle East. When was the last time you felt a sense of hope in regard to the Middle East? When was the last time you even heard some good news about the Middle East?

Missionary Tom Doyle, who travels extensively throughout this key region of the world, finds much cause for hope. In fact, he observes that a spiritual breakthrough has come to the Middle East.

These stories will inform, inspire and challenge you to pray more effectively for the Muslim world in general and the Middle East in particular.

Crazy Love DVD


Crazy Love (DVD Study Resource)
Author: Francis Chan, Publisher: David C Cook, Format: DVD

Overwhelmed by a Relentless God. It’s crazy, if you think about it. The God of the universe–the Creator of nitrogen and pine needles, galaxies and E-minor–loves us with a radical, unconditional, self-sacrificing love. Have you ever wondered if we’re missing it?

The Crazy Love Study Resource helps you and your small group to dive deeper into God’s love. DVD includes:

* Ten teaching segments with questions for small group discussion. * Printable Small Group Study Guide. * Behind-the-scenes footage and outtakes.

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God is at work paperback


God Is at Work

Author: Ken Eldred, Publisher: Manna Ventures, Format: Paperback

Transforming People and Nations Through Business.

The book reveals an emerging missions movement, one in which Christians are meeting both spiritual and economic needs in the developing world.

Keyword: BAM

Grace for Muslims


Grace For Muslims?

Author: Steve Bell, Publisher: Authentic, Format: Paperback

“Why should an essentially `benign’ religion turn some into `demons’?” asked a Muslim journalist. It is a question that is at the heart of the Islamic debate.

Alarmist claims are made about these `demons’, while the possibility of a peaceful Islam is dismissed. Many are confused about the religion’s contradictory faces. Is it possible for Christians to relate to Muslims without being politically naive or theologically liberal? Steve believes it is. He shares his own 25 year journey and reflects upon how he arrived at the crucial ingredient – – grace.

Indias Hidden Slavery


India’s Hidden Slavery

[60 minutes] India’s Hidden Slavery exposes contemporary slavery in India among the 250 million-strong Dalit community. Once known as Untouchables, the Dalits form the lowest layer of India’s hierarchical system known as “caste.” Dalits are routinely oppressed and abused as modern-day slaves: in bonded labor, the sex industry, temple prostitution, manual scavenging and other brutal forms of exploitation.

The plight of the Dalits is little known in the West and their situation contrasts starkly with the widespread perception of India’s current economic and tourist boom. Below the surface is a society still wracked by caste divisions, with millions suffering and held hostage to a social structure that reinforces segregation, poverty and injustice.

Ship Globally

The Mirage of Peace


The Mirage of Peace

Author: David Aikman, Publisher: Gospel Light/Regal, Format: Hardcover

Understanding the Never-Ending Conflict in the Middle East. Former TIME Magazine Jerusalem bureau chief David Aikman takes a sober, balanced impactful look at the Middle East, bringing a journalist’s mind and a believer’s heart to his examination of a region aflame.

In this timely and informed exploration of current Middle East issues that goes beyond headlines and sound bites, Aikman fills in the blanks for thoughtful Christians, accurately tracing recent history and fairly portraying the leaders who have made that history.

Inside Islam


DVD: Inside Islam by A & E Home Video

[100 minutes]
Well-done and very informative program on Islam by THE HISTORY CHANNEL, the premier source for historical documentaries. Features extensive interviews with leading Islamic scholars. Trace its roots back to the Hebrew Bible and discover how the Five Pillars, Islam’s central tenets, helped spread Islam to the far corners of the world. Find out what the Qur’an says about war, violence, and suicide, and how these words have been co-opted by extremists. Learn about classical Arab Islam, and hear from experts like Khaled Abou el Fadl (“speaking in God’s Name”) who debate the challenges facing Islam today, including a crisis of authority and deep divisions among Islam’s many sects.

Christianity and Islam


DVD: Christianity and Islam by Dr. Timothy George

Four 25-minute programs:
* The Tenets of Islam * The Trinity * The Bible and the Incarnation * The Cross and Salvation

Based on the best-selling book, IS THE FATHER OF JESUS THE GOD OF MUHAMMAD? Now that Muslims are our neighbors, how do we talk to them about Christ? What do Muslims think about Jesus? Which beliefs do we share in common with Muslims and where do we differ from them? Do we worship the same God they worship? Is the Father of Jesus the God of Muhammad?

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1453 by Roger Crowley

The Clash of Islam and the West. When Constantinople fell to the Ottoman Turks in 1453, a remarkable era in world history ended. In this volume, Crowley gives a complete and compelling account of the Holy War for Constantinople and the clash of Islam and the West that gave rise to today’s jihad.

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The Arab Table


The Arab Table by May Bsisu

Recipes and Culinary Traditions. May S. Bsisu, who has lived and cooked in Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait, England, and now the United States, takes you along a reassuringly down-to-earth and warmly personal path through exciting culinary territory.

It is one of the world’s oldest and most intriguing cuisines, yet few have explored the diverse dishes and enchanting flavors of Arab cookery beyond hummus and tabouleh. In 188 recipes, The Arab Table introduces home cooks to the fresh foods, exquisite tastes, and generous spirit of the Arab table. Cook for your Muslim neighbors during Ramadan!



Author: Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Publisher: Free Press, Format: Paperback

In this profoundly affecting memoir from the internationally renowned author of “The Caged Virgin,” Ali tells her life story, from her traditional Muslim childhood in Somalia, Saudi Arabia and Kenya, to her intellectual awakening and activism in the Netherlands, and her current life under armed guard in the West.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali burst into international headlines following an Islamist’s murder of her colleague, Theo van Gogh, with whom she had made the movie “Submission.”

Her life continues to fascinate millions.

Expanding Your World

Forces of Fortune


Forces of Fortune

Author: Seyyed Vali Reza Nasr, Publisher: Free Press, Format: Hardcover

The Rise of the New Muslim Middle Class and What It Will Mean for Our World. Renowned Middle East expert Vali Nasr’s bestselling “The Shia Revival” profoundly transformed the debate about the Iraq War by unveiling how the Sunni-Shia rift was driving the insurgency. Now, in “Forces of Fortune,” Nasr presents a paradigm-changing revelation that will transform the understanding of the Muslim world at large. He reveals that there is a vital but unseen rising force in the Islamic world — a new business-minded middle class — that is building a vibrant new Muslim world economy and that holds the key to winning the cold war against Iran and extremists.

From Jihad to Jesus


From Jihad to Jesus by Jerry Rassamni

An Ex-Militant’s Journey of Faith.

Jerry Rassamni was a militant Muslim who hated Christians and warred against them. After immigrating to the US, Jerry’s life shifted to his personal Jihad, attempting to refute Christianity. This attempt led him to a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. This ex-militant Muslim shares the evidence that compelled him to abandon Islam. In the same way that Islam adheres to five pillars of the faith, Jerry points out five ‘exposition pillars’ that undrape Islam …

This book offers a forceful and compelling evangelistic tool in a careful apologetic approach.

How Islam Plans to Change the World


How Islam Plans to Change the World by William Wagner

“Islam’s race to win the world was detoured for about four hundred years, but now it is back on track to achieve our goal–the setting up of a worldwide community of Islam.” –Muslim leader in Europe

The unfolding conflict between Islam and the West is not just a clash of cultures-it is a head-to-head confrontation between a religion intent on world dominance and a culture confused and unsettled by rising hatred and violence.

In this revealing book, a veteran Christian missionary to the Muslim world examines the rapid worldwide growth of Islam and credits it to a well-financed missions strategy.

Miniskirts, Mothers & Muslims


Miniskirts, Mothers & Muslims

Author: Christine Mallouhi, Publisher: Monarch, Format: Paperback

For Christians who work with, live with, or minister to Muslims, this startling look at the Muslim world helps explain the whats and whys of the world of Muslim women.

Other topics include role models, segregation, restrictions, opportunities, family life, and unwritten rules.

A Christian woman who through marriage became an insider. “A great book.” (Dr. Dudley Woodberry)

DVD titles often available as Video as well…

7th Edition of Operation World

7th Edition

Operation World Professional DVD-ROM by GMI

The Enhanced eBook – Professional DVD‐ROM Edition is a high‐powered research and mobilization platform that takes Operation WORLD beyond your bookshelf and empowers you to bring the data to life …

The Professional DVD‐ROM Edition contains:
• A fully searchable PDF of the Operation WORLD book in color
• Extended information on each country giving you new insights to share
• Multi‐media content including audio, video, and PowerPoint slides
• Extended Rights to reproduce content for your school or ministry
• Additional maps and data tables not available in the printed book
• The ability to utilize Operation WORLD anywhere a PDF can be read
• Enhanced eBook content including ability to build your own Operation WORLD map!

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