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pray4them wristband


Pray4Them Wristband / Bracelet

Attractive three-color silicone wristband with a debossed prayer reminder.

As Christians we resist the temptation to be caught up in generalizations, anger, hate or fear toward anyone. In the climate following the 9/11-terrorism attack, here is a proven tool to direct our focus more prayerfully, Christ-like and constructively. Show your response and participation by wearing this wristband, and help get the word out that prayer can change the world. Order ten wristbands for others at only $1.50 each.



Lost Boy No MoreAuthor: Abraham Nhial, Author: DiAnn Mills, Publisher: Broadman & Holman, Format: Paperback

A True Story of Survival and Salvation.
This first-person survival story comes from one of the Lost Boys of Sudan, 35,000 orphans who fled to Ethiopia in the midst of a brutal civil war.

my neighbours faith


My Neighbour’s Faith
Author: John Azumah, Publisher: Zondervan/ HippoBooks, Format: Paperback

Islam Explained for Christians.

Nowhere else in the world have both Islam and Christianity been more instrumental in shaping the history of a people and their way of life than in Africa. Conflicts involving Christians and Muslims in places like Sudan, Nigeria and Ivory Coast are common. My Neighbour’s Faith sheds light on why.

slave hunter


Slave Hunter
Author: Aaron Cohen, Publisher: Simon Spotlight, Format: PaperbackOne Man’s Global Quest to Free Victims of Human Trafficking.

From living the rock star life to wading through the world’s war zones, refugee camps, and brothels, Aaron Cohen left behind his closest friends, his dying father, and his band to find answers … in Sudan …

God Is Back


God Is Back
Author: Adrian Wooldridge and John Micklethwait, Publisher: Penguin, Format: Hardcover

How the Global Revival of Faith Is Changing the World.

Two “Economist” writers show how and why religion is booming around the world and reveal its vast effects on the global economy, politics, and why religion plays a role in civil wars from Sri Lanka to Sudan.

The New Faces Of Christianity


The New Faces of Christianity
Author: Philip Jenkins, Publisher: Oxford University Press, Format: PaperbackBelieving the Bible in the Global South.

In this brilliant sequel to “The Next Christendom” (named one of the top religion books of 2002 by USA Today), Jenkins takes a much closer look at Christianity in the global South, revealing what it is like, and what it means for the future.

A Deadly Misunderstanding


A Deadly Misunderstanding
Author: Mark D Siljander, Publisher: Harper, Format: Hardcover

A Congressman’s Quest to Bridge the Muslim-Christian Divide.

“A Deadly Misunderstanding” recounts Siljander’s amazing discoveries as he travels to some of the most remote and hostile places in the world–deep into Libya, Sudan, Pakistan, and India–forging deep ties with both heads of state and religious leaders.

Guerrilla Lovers


Guerrilla Lovers (Feb 2010)
Author: Vince Antonucci, Publisher: Baker, Format: PaperbackChanging the World with Revolutionary Compassion.

Everyone is trying to change the world. Bono, Brad Pitt, Al Gore, Oprah, Bill Gates. Whether it’s bringing justice to Darfur, fighting global warming, building schools, or rebuilding cities, people are flocking to causes bigger than themselves like never before. They are dissatisfied with the status quo and are sacrificing their time and money to change it. God’s people should be at the forefront of this movement. But we’re not.

African History


African History
Author: John Parker & Richard Rathbone, Publisher: Oxford University Press, Format: Paperback

Looks at Africa’s past and reflects on the changing ways it has been imagined and represented, both in Africa and beyond.

Africa has been known as ‘the cradle of mankind’, and its recoverable history stretches back to the Pharaohs. But the idea of studying African history is itself new, and the authors show why it is still contested and controversial.

This first concise work of its kind, will prove essential reading for anyone interested in the African continent and the diversity of human history.

Other suggestions: Escape from Slavery by Francis Buk | The Journey of the Lord Boys by Joan Hecht | Dream Freedom by Sonia Levitin


Let The Nations Be Glad


Let the Nations Be Glad!
Author: John Piper, Publisher: Baker/Academic, Format: DVDJohn Piper’s “Let the Nations Be Glad!”

Now in its third edition, Let the Nations Be Glad provides readers with a sound theological foundation for missions. Topics include defining missions and defining peoples, the urgency of missions, the goal and the fuel of missions, prayer, and suffering.

The Camel Workshop


The Camel Workshop
Editor: David Garrison, Format: DVD

More Muslims are coming to faith in Christ today than at any other time in history!

Learn how thousands of Muslim-background followers of Jesus Christ are winning their families and friends to faith in Jesus Christ and how you too can reach Muslims.

Praise For Africa

CD Audio

CD Praise for Africa
Author: Pieter McKarthy, Publisher: Songs for Africa, Format: CD AudioFollowing on from the very successful ‘Songs for Africa,’ Youth With A Mission African musician Pieter McKarthy brings you ‘Praise for Africa.’

With a mosaic of songs from around the African continent.

Video: SIM missionary serving the Ganza people in South Sudan (5:32)

Lori in 2010 from Taylor Martyn on Vimeo.