World Population Statistics

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World Statistics – World’s Population by Continents

World = 7,021,836,029
Asia = 4,140,336,501
Africa = 994,527,534
Europe = 738,523,843
North America = 528,720,588
South America = 385,742,554
Oceania (incl. Australia) = 36,102,071
Antarctica = no permanent population

Overall, there are 268 nations, dependent areas, and other entities according to the World Fact-book.

Age Structure

0-14 years: 26.3% (male 944,987,919 / female 884,268,378)
15-64 years: 65.9% (male 2,234,860,865 / female 2,187,838,153)
65 years and over: 7.8% (male 227,164,176 / female 289,048,221)


Christian 33.35% (of which Roman Catholic 16.83%, Protestant 6.08%, Orthodox 4.03%, Anglican 1.26%), Muslim 22.43%, Hindu 13.78%, Buddhist 7.13%, Sikh 0.36%, Jewish 0.21%, Baha’i 0.11%, other religions 11.17%, non-religious 9.42%, atheists 2.04%


Mandarin Chinese 13.69%, Spanish 5.05%, English 4.84%, Hindi 2.82%, Portuguese 2.77%, Bengali 2.68%, Russian 2.27%, Japanese 1.99%, Standard German 1.49%, Wu Chinese 1.21%
note: percents are for “first language” speakers only and therefore do not add to 100%


total population: 83.7%
male: 88.3%
female: 79.2%

NOTE: Over two-thirds of the world’s 793 million illiterate adults are found in only eight countries (India, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Indonesia, and Egypt); of all the illiterate adults in the world, two-thirds are women; extremely low literacy rates are concentrated in three regions, South and West Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Arab states, where around one-third of the men and half of all women are illiterate.

10 Largest Countries

There are approximately 225 inhabited countries and territories in the world. About half the world’s people live in the first six largest countries listed below.

China = 1,343,239,923
India = 1,205,073,612
United States = 313,847,465
Indonesia = 248,645,008
Brazil = 199,321,413
Pakistan = 190,291,129
Nigeria = 170,123,740
Bangladesh = 161,083,804
Russia = 142,517,670
Japan = 127,368,088

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, International Data Base

World Birth/Death Rates

Birth Rate:
19.14 births/1,000 population
128.6 million births per year
352,239 births per day
14,677 births each hour
245 births each minute
4.1 births each second of every day

Death Rate:

7.99 deaths/1,000 population
56.7 million souls die each year
155,399 souls die each day
6475 souls die each hour
108 souls die each minute
almost 2 (1.8) souls die each second

Age Structure of World’s Population

1.83 billion people under age 15 years (26.3%)

3.97 billion people age 15-64 years (65.9%)

441 million people are 65 years and over (7.9%)

Average Life Expectancy at Birth is 67.59 years

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