Muslim Populations in Africa


| · 936,269,259 million people or about 14% of the world’s population live in 61 countries and territories throughout Africa.

Pray with us for these African countries. Muslims represent 41.3% of the population in Africa, growing at a rate of 2.5% per year (mainly as a result of having large families). Islam first spread from the Middle East to North Africa and then eventually towards the south. Islam is predominantly concentrated in North and Northeast Africa. For example, out of the 78 million people in the three nations of Northwest Africa (Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco), possibly only 50,000 are native believers in the Messiah. On our site you will see we have broken Africa down by region, Central (about 15 percent Muslim), East (about 29 percent Muslim), North (probably 89% Muslim), Southern (between 1 and 2 percent Muslim) and West Africa (about 54 percent Muslim).

Although we hear of many miracles and wonderful things happening in Africa there is also great persecution among many African Christians. As Gulf-oil dollars help spread Islam we hear of many believers who become secret believers. Families often disown members who turn to the Messiah, confiscating their possessions. In some cases there are brutal beatings and even deaths as the type of Islam coming into Africa gets more dogmatic and controlling.

You can also search our site for Muslim People Groups such as: Beja, Dioula, Fulani, Gorane, Gypsies, Harar, Juba Arabs, Kabyle, Lebou, Maba, Myab, Nubian, Saharawi, Saho, Songhai, Soninke, Souss Berbers, Teda, Toucouleur, Tuaregs, Tuareg in Sahara, Worodougou, Yao and so forth.

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