Miracles among Muslims in the Middle East

coptic_church_mid_east_publicWhen we think of the Middle East our impressions are very coloured by media and news influence. We hear the stories of aggression, intimidation and fear as well as political unrest, misery and war. Among Christian communities in Egypt, stories of persecution have been highlighted over this past year.

The Holy Spirit at Work in the Middle East

But in the midst of suffering and unrest God’s Holy Spirit is at work in tremendous ways in these days. The Coptic Church throughout the region of the Middle East has for many years been recognized as a strategic key for reaching out with the Love of Jesus. As a result of the struggles there has been an increase in intercession. In Egypt there are over 500 groups networked together that pray regularly for the needs of the nation. God is answering their prayers as they are seeing spiritual leaders raised up whom are moving in the power of the Holy Spirit and seeing healings, deliverance and other miracles. Amongst a community of rubbish collectors there has been a work established over the past years and they now have had weekly meetings with over 2,000 coming for teaching and ministry. The power of Jesus to change lives will overflow onto the Muslims as they reach out.

Faith in Jesus in the Middle East

Other Orthodox communities in the Middle East are also seeing many young people’s lives affected. There has been a determined hunger for the word of God, a desire to experience the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives as they are surrounded by influence of fear and control by authorities. The Holy Spirit is bursting forth in many of these young people’s lives, making them a challenge to those around them to radical faith in Jesus.

As the work of the renewal is springing forward, it is giving rise to a greater missionary vision among the church as they are becoming aware of the mandate to reach out with the love of Jesus among the Muslim people’s of the region. A short time ago a team of Arab young people went on outreach to a seaside resort on the Mediterranean coast, they had opportunity to witness to street sellers, students and even drug dealers. They saw God move in many lives and at the end of the 2 months 22 people had been baptized after coming to faith in Jesus.

Prayer Guide for the Middle East

* Pray that God would reveal himself in the Middle East in power and with miracles to turn the hearts of the people to him.

* Pray for the youth for training in discipleship, for spiritual growth based on the word of God.

* Pray for all Christian work among the children in preschools and Sunday schools.

* Pray for more intercession for the hearts of Muslim people to be opened to the gospel. Let us join our prayers with the prayers of our brothers and sisters in the Middle East to see God’s Kingdom come.

* Pray for those who are suffering for their faith, in prison, or by rejection from those they love. For God’s grace, mercy and deliverance from oppression.

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