Islam in Europe – your prayers needed!

european-union-insignia| · Muslim Population: 20 million

The mission field in Europe

The Islamic mission field has come to Europe. Post war immigration has brought many ethnic peoples from around the globe to settle throughout Europe. Many of these people are from lands that have little or no access to the Gospel.

Islam in Europe

The U.K. has a Muslim population of over 1.5 million with over 1,800 mosques and 3000 Quaranic schools. There are more than half a million Muslims in London alone. Yet Christians have been apathetic or fearful to witness to Muslims and conversions have been few. There is only one Christian fellowship for each of the Turks, Kurds and Iranians. While those from Yemen and Morocco remain totally unreached. Many young people come from abroad to study in England and return to their countries never hearing the Gospel. The Islamic counsel for Europe is based in London. Oil wealth funding and considerable Muslim missionary effort is directed to winning England for Islam.

It is not easy for Muslims to convert even in Europe. Often, they are rejected by their community and family. Many European Muslims, particularly students, are often much more loyal to Islam, sensing their identity is threatened. In the streets of Paris young people will often speak with great conviction concerning Mohammed while at the same time they sell drugs and seem to have no future.

With a population of 4 million Muslims in France this is the single biggest concentration of Muslims in the western world.

Germany is now called “The door to Islam in Europe” while the leader of an Islamic group, called the “Khoumeini of Cologne” has declared Cologne the Capital of the “Islamic Republic West Turkey”. Almost every week a new mosque is opened in Germany.

Pray for the Muslims in Europe

* Pray for the Church in Europe to boldly reach out to their Muslim neighbors. Some Christians are present among these Muslims – pray that they will be effective and courageous. (Ephesians 6:19-20)

* Pray that there will be whole ethnic groups converted and churches established among European Muslims.

* Pray that Muslim converts will be established in their faith and take the Gospel back to their families. (Acts 16:31-34)

* Pray for Christian radio which is reaching out to Turkish and Kurdish communities.

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