Muslims of Mumbai (Bombay), major city of India

mumbai-market-india| · Population: 18 million
| · Muslim: 15%
| · Christian: 4%

Mumbai, known as Bombay until its name was officially changed in 1995, is the leading financial centre of India as well as a major national commercial, transportation, and manufacturing hub. It is located south of the tropic of Cancer but north of the Equator and has small seasonal temperature fluctuations.

Riots in Mumbai, India

Mumbai was once considered a place of religious tolerance, providing a safe haven for religious minorities. Muslims, the largest of these minorities, have been the hardest hit as this image has crumbled.

Prompted by the destruction of major a mosque in north India, riots between Muslims and Hindus exploded in 1992/1993. Dharavi, the largest slum in Asia, was the epicenter of the riots in Mumbai. People in nearby housing apartments watched in horror as the diverse ethnic and religious population of the Dharavi slum turned upon itself. The riot left over 1,000 people dead, mostly Muslims, and approximately 150,000 fled the city in fear.

The riots were a defining moment in the life of the city of Mumbai, especially among the Muslim community. While peace returned to the city and remains today the memories are etched in the minds of all in the city. For the Muslim community of Mumbai the horror and fear of those few short months provided a link, a shared experience and a unity between them. It also created a united mistrust of Mumbai’s Hindu community.

Missionaries Needed to Mumbai, India

The 2.5 million Muslims constitute 15% of the population with all major Muslim groups well represented in the diverse population. A significant large number are from Gujarat in the north west of India and include the Bohras and Khojas Muslims. Bohra Muslims in particular have a long history in the city and play a large role in the local and national economy.


Flag of India


Map of India

The majority, 80%, of Muslims in Mumbai are Sunni Muslims and there are 90 major mosques in Mumbai. Arab and north African Muslim traders are common and there is a significant population of international Muslim students from many west Asian nations.

As yet, there are few Christians focusing their efforts on the Muslims in Mumbai. With the vast majority of Christians from Hindu backgrounds there are strong cultural and ethnic barriers which keep Muslims away from the church. New initiatives and new workers are needed to focus on the diverse Muslim population of Mumbai.

Prayer for the Muslims in Mumbai, India:

* From the slums to the business community there is a great need and great opportunities for Christians to work among the Muslims of Mumbai. Ask God to raise up a large number of workers.

* While Bibles are available in most major languages, there are as yet almost no Bibles in the dialects of the Muslim people. There is strong opposition against the translation of the Bible into the most common Muslim language, Muslim Urdu dialect. Pray for a team to be formed to overcome this opposition and complete the work of Bible translation (Psalm 119:49).


  1. Independent Thinker says:

    Let us unite & find the truth & pray to ONE ALMIGHTY GOD the
    Creator of the Universe.
    You changed the wording When Holy Jesus proclaimed ” Holy Prophet
    Mohammed” is the last Prophet was coming. You changed the words to “Comforter”. Read the gospel of ST Barnabas to find the truth.
    Thank you. The Truth Finder.

    • Mohammed Noor says:

      Do you believe in the Gospel of Bernabas. who wrote this and which period he wrote this.? In Quran not even a word says about a change of word in Bible. Insted of changes Quran ask you to read Bible. You claim Quran as the last word and book of God. If it is the last book and you believe it is from God stop talking about Bible.The books of God, Bible and old testament is the greatest subject in the earth. If there was any changes in Bible why this not reported in Quran. If you learn the word of God you can understand the change in all the laws of God. Quran teaches a man can marry as much he has power, that means a rich man can marry 10000000 or more and a poor can marry 1. Bible the Word of God teaches to marry 1. this is change you must learn . Quran teaches to kill . bible to love your enemy. Quran is a law of a man who wish to live a worldly life. I do not find any spiritual content in that. Only evil spirit works to destroy humankind. So study History and also study the history of your prophet and about his family. You will find the truth.

      • kashmir for God says:

        Now a days people are learning more about Quran and are searching truth. Prophet says he dont know what will happen after his death. He killed thousands for the sake of heaven which is life after death. Even Gabriel pray for this prophet in his death bed, and declared recovery. but prophet died within days. Prophets angel also dont know what will happen.In Quran a word is written Inshah Allah. Quran is the word which is spoken by Allah itself. Inshah Allah means Allah knows. Even Allah dont know what will happen.Inshah Allah.?

        • if u hate Muslims.. it may be wrong source for u…u don’t have any rights talking some bad about Muslim religion…first of all u tell me who had given u birth…


    If u r true Christian, then u should not go for divorce, second marriage, even ur spouse died

  3. Muslim’s hearts pain for fellow muslims across borders and within borders where-ever and when-ever they face persecution. Why do their hearts pain only for fellow muslims ? Why not for non-muslims who are in pain and persecution in abundance. See that is teh problem all non-muslims have with muslims. This extreme community & ghetto mentality cutting across borderlines for fellow muslims only.. repels and aleniates them from all other religion. It is like life and sensitivity does’nt exist in a humans unless he is a muslim. The day you all shed away this narrow mentality and exhibit the universal acceptance and peace of your Sufism sect, you will stop seeing persecutions like these happening to your brothers and sisters.

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