Awan of India

taj-mahal-indiaThe Awan are an Urdu speaking people who number over 600,000 in India. The majority of Awans claim that they are descended from Qutb Shah, a general in the army of Mahmud of Ghazni, who was a descendant of Mohammed’s cousin and son-in-law, Ali.

The Awans have a strong martial tradition and are renowned for their bravery. They were among those the British considered to be ‘martial races’ (a designation created by officials of British India to describe peoples that were thought to be naturally warlike and aggressive in battle and to possess qualities such as courage, loyalty, self-sufficiency, physical strength, resilience, and fighting tenacity).

The British recruited heavily from these ‘martial races’ for service in the colonial army, and they formed part of the core Muslim group recruited during the First and Second World Wars.


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Prayer Starters:

  • Proclaim that the Lord is the Lord of Hosts (armies) over the Awan and that they should obey Him (Ps. 103:19-22). Pray for liberation from the chains of the enemy.
  • Ask God to reveal Himself to the Awan through dreams, visions and other manifestations (Ps. 103:2-3).
  • Pray for labourers to proclaim the Messiah among the Awan.

(Article based on material from Frontiers.)

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Islamic ideas about Jesus

  • Jesus was conceived miraculously by God in the womb of the virgin Mary.
  • Jesus is only a prophet, he is not divine (not the Son of God, not God in the flesh).
  • Muslims even believe that Jesus even spoke as an infant saying that he was a prophet.
  • According to Islam Jesus was actually a good Muslim and he taught an earlier form of Islam to the Jewish people. One can find a Muslim account of the life of Jesus in the so called “Gospel of Barnabas.” This document was probably come to be in its present form in the 14th – 16th centuries AD. It may have even been written at that time.
  • Jesus will come again one day, he will marry, he will have children. He will correct the errors which Christians have said about him. He will die, he will be buried in Medina and be judged like all men at the Last Judgement.
  • Jesus is not the Judge of mankind.

What God Says

Jesus, the Messiah, resurrected from the dead, the ruler of the kings of the earth … has released us from our sins by His blood. (Revelation 1:5)

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