Muslims in Hong Kong

hong-kong-demonstration-30-days-netHong Kong, often called the “Pearl of Orient” is composed of Hong Kong Island and some associated areas on the coast of China. Hong Kong’s Muslim population includes 90,000 native Hong Kong residents (Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Malaysian, etc) and about 110,000 Indonesian migrant labourers. Hong Kong is officially HK SAR which means Special Administrative Region, set up by the People’s Republic of China.

Bringing God’s Love

Hong Kong (also written as HK) developed into very important seaport as a British colony.  Many Muslims came from India as part of the British army garrison and as sailors with the British East India Company as early as 1650. Meanwhile, Chinese Muslims also moved to HK and gradually formed their own community. The first mosque in HK was built in 1890. Today, there are five mosques in HK. There are also two Muslim grave yards, eight Muslim schools and kindergartens, and ten important Islamic organisations.

Migrant Labourers

In the last ten years, significant numbers of Indonesian migrant labourers have come to Hong Kong, often as domestic helpers, and 80-90% of them are women. On their days off, they often gather near Victoria Park. Local Chinese believers have often befriended the Indonesians and several new congregations of believers have begun. However, the churches need more manpower and resources to effectively bring the Good News of God’s love to the Indonesians.


Flag of China


Map of China

Prayer Starters

* Pray that Chinese believers in Hong Kong will make even more friends for Christ among Muslims. Pray that more Chinese believers will be willing to learn Indonesian languages in order to proclaim Christ.

* Pray that many Christians who have hired Muslims to work in their homes will treat them fairly and proclaim Christ through their daily life. It would be good for Christians to understand the rights of foreign laborers, and help them fulfill their contracts well.

* May God open Muslims hearts in Hong Kong to the Gospel, so they are willing to listen to the Word and be obedient to the Lord.

Muslims believe in …

One God, the Creator of all things
Angels and evil spirits
Prophets (Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Jonah, Jesus, Mohammed)
Mohammed was the last and greatest of the prophets.
Holy books (the Torah, Zabur (Psalms), Injil (Gospel) and the Qur’an)
The Day of Judgement for all people
The Bible has been corrupted and modified by Jews and Christians.

Video: Let Me Show You (what love can do)

Celebrating the power of prayer and the work of Jackie Pullinger) [3:10]


  1. I don’t get it. Why are you chasing the Muslims everywhere? Why don’t you proselytize to animists, cannibalists, tribals, buddhists, etc. Stalking Muslims wherever they are…rather obsessed state of mind, I say. WWJD?

  2. Yusuf adebayo merlin says:

    Islam is true realigion, Qur’an said oh, people of scripture (jews and christian) come to a word that is just between us that we worship only allah and we do not take other as our lord and if they turn say we bear witness that we are a muslim.

  3. Father God loves you… He is the way, the truth and the life no one comes to him except through Jesus … Your saviour shed His blood on the cross for you receive Him today He calling you be not afraid to except Him in to your heart ! Give Him a chance to reveal himself to you …He loves you !

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