The Madurese Muslim Peoples of Indonesia

madurese-java-indonesia| · Population: 13 Million
| · Less the 0.2% Christian

“Missy! I want the Injil. You get me one in my language, OK?” Pauline was caught off guard by the urgency of Miri’s request. The headmaster of the boarding school was away for the weekend and it was just the opportunity that Miri (not her real name) had been waiting for. “My Bible’s over there in the corner. You can look at it if you like,” Pauline suggested. Miri picked it up, opened it and began to scan the pages. “This is English! I cannot read it. Missy, I want Injil in my language. You have?”

Pauline did have. But she’d bought a copy of the New Testament in Indonesian to give to another friend and now she was torn. “Why do you want to read the Injil so much?” she asked Miri. “I want to know! I want to know for myself what it says.” Still worried, Pauline asked, “But what will you tell the Kiyai (the headmaster and Muslim religious leader) if he finds you reading it?” “Never mind. I know what to tell the Kiyai. I’ll tell him I wanted to know the difference between Christian and Muslim.”

Pauline considered Miri’s arguments then consented, “OK, I’ll give you an Injil.” “When! Where?” “Right here, right now,” Pauline pulled the New Testament from where she’d hidden it in her bag and before she could say anything more, Miri snatched it from her hands and began to read it hungrily on the spot.

The Madurese Peoples Outlook


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As one of the 3rd largest peoples in Indonesia, the 13 million Madurese are key to seeing God’s kingdom established in Southeast Asia. The majority of the Madurese have migrated from their home on Madura Island to eastern Java in search of a more prosperous lifestyle. Those who remain on Madura tend to resist any change to their traditional way of life. The majority of Madurese live in compact villages in size), where they are fiercely loyal to Uluma, Muslim religious leaders with mystical powers. Few Madurese have embraced Christ. The social pressure of becoming a Christian, or even showing too much interest, is tremendous. Still, missionaries feel that young Madurese (ages 16 to 20) are more willing to hear the gospel than is generally believed. The lack of effort on the part of Christians may be an even greater obstacle than the force of culture or tradition.

Prayer Guide for the Madurese Peoples of Indonesia

* Please pray for Miri and others like her. Pray for national workers to make and maintain contact with her. Pray that she would be able to understand and respond to what she reads in the Word, and then share it with her family and friends.

* Pray for more short- and long-term workers to be called by God to go to the Madurese. Pray for creative strategies to get the workers into the nation. Pray for a church-planting movement to be birthed among the Madurese people.

* Pray for the further production and distribution of Madurese evangelistic literature and media.


  1. Hi, accidentally I drop by your site and it’s interest me.
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    It would be glad for me to know more about you. I wanna help you to provide any information about Madurese. Well, I am not the perfect but I’ll try to help you :)

    I am a person who lived in Madurese, especially in Bangkalan region, but not Madurese at all, =D
    Does the story you’ve wrote above just for an illustration or a fact-story? If so, let me know it more if you don’t mind. It’s amazing!

    Looking forward for your reply. Thanks

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