The Komering Muslim peoples of Indonesia

auto-rickshaw-indonesia-30-days-net(The “slum area” name has been removed for security purposes)

A Christian man called out to a pedicab (a type of bicycle propelled rickshaw) that was passing. When it stopped, he stepped up into the cab and sat down carefully. “Please take me to the slum area,” he said. “No problem,” answered the driver, “However what are you going to do in the slum area? You know it’s a dangerous place to go. There are many criminals living there.” “I am not afraid,” answered the Christian. “I am going there to encourage people. God has asked me to be an encourager to the handicapped, so I know that He takes care of me. I don’t have to worry.”

Faith of the Komering

“I see that you are a man of faith, a good Muslim,” commented the pedicab man. “I am not a Muslim,” clarified the passenger. “I am a follower of Jesus.” “Oh!” exclaimed the driver, surprised. “So, you are a Christian. What exactly do you do with the handicapped in the slum area?” “I talk to them, and explain that Jesus can help them and give them hope. You know that He can help you and give you hope too. God is a God of love and he wants to take care of everyone.”

Action of the Komering

The pedicap stopped as they arrived at their destination and the driver turned to his passenger, “What kind of help can your God give me?” “God sent Jesus to die for your sins. Through Him you can be purified. He is the Provider and He wants to take care of your everyday needs.” “How could Jesus die for my sins? He was just a prophet.” “Jesus was more than a prophet,” said the passenger. “He was God’s sacrifice provided for us. You know it’s like the goat that Muslims sacrifice so that they will be purified. Jesus was sent by God to become a perfect sacrifice and take all our sins. Please take this booklet called ‘Holy Sacrifice’. It is in the Komering language and it will explain what I am trying to tell you. You know, I need a pedicab everyday. Why don’t you become my pedicab driver? In the morning you can wait at my door and then take me where I need to go. That way, we can keep in touch.” “That’s a good idea. I will do this.” The Christian saw the pedicab driver regularly and led him to Christ. The driver is now part of one of the two Komering home churches. There are only a handful Indonesian Christians ministering to over a million Komering people most of whom who have not yet heard the Good News.


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Prayer Guide for the Komering of Indonesia

* Pray for more Indonesian and foreign Christians to be sent to minister to the Komering.

* Pray for the Lord to reveal Himself through His word and supernatural events.

* Pray for the small number of Christians to grow in their faith and become spiritual leaders that can lead their people to Christ.

* Pray for the protection of those ministering to the Komering.

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