The Kaili Unde People Group of Indonesia


kaili-unde-indonesia-30-days-netThe 22,000 Kaili Unde live on the west coast in the province of Central Sulawesi in Indonesia. Most Kaili Unde are dedicated Muslims. They are convinced that they will eventually be judged according to their way of life. However, heir religious life is mixed with ancient animistic beliefs too. Many of them regularly seek help from the local Dukun (shaman or magic priest) to be cured of illness or evil spirits. When a new house is built, the Kaili Unde always give gifts to both the good and evil spirits. The bigger the house, the bigger the gift. Only a few Kaili Unde have come to the Messiah. Unfortunately, there is no Bible or Christian material in their language.


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Prayer Starters:

  • Pray for an openness and a willingness to obey the Gospel among the Kaili Unde (Romans 1:5 and 16:26).
  • Pray they can hear and see the Indonesian Christian radio and TV and thus find the way to Christ.
  • Pray the power of darkness and enslavement to spirits be broken and their eyes opened, so that the Kaili Unde can be freed (Acts 10:38 and 26:18).


Jesus in the workplace: Aisha

“Aisha” is another believer in Jesus who rises early to sell fish at the local market. Prayers that resulted in blessing on her business were what first attracted her to follow Jesus. Now she has faithfully participated in a home-based community of Jesus-followers for over three years. Gatherings are simple: Scriptures are read, stories shared and prayers offered for one another. Earlier this year Aisha decided that she could start a similar gathering … at the market! So most late afternoons when the market has quieted, she gathers with up to six others. “We are God’s creation,” she says. “Sharing with each other and praying together will help us stay close to God.” In recent weeks this small group has enjoyed readings from Genesis and from the life of Jesus. Jesus is with Aisha as she loves others in His name. Boldly proclaiming authority and blessing through Jesus the Messiah, Aisha and Ahmad are seeing the Kingdom of God established in places where people naturally gather. Thank you, Lord!


I was a practising Muslim when I believed in Jesus the Messiah in June 1999. At that time I was also married but my wife left me because of the persecution which followed my turning to the Messiah. My larger family also encouraged my wife to leave me, disowned me and confiscated my possessions.

My pastor also tried to bring my wife back into my life but in vain. I remained faithful to the Lord despite all these events and their threats. Some even tried to keep me from worship meetings which I could only attend after walking seven kilometres from my village. Finally I had to leave my family for three months in order to be strengthened and encouraged in my faith. I eventually became a pastor myself.


  1. pray for the Kaili Unde:
    * for Bible translation and distribution in their language
    * for key Kaili Ude leaders to come to Christ and them witness in their community
    * for development of Christian radio and Tv and audio ministries in their language
    * for many Kaili Ude to listen to Christian radio in Indonesian and be chnaged
    * for Kaili Ude youth and children to come to know the Lord
    * for many Kaili Ude to come ot know Him through dreams and visions
    * for protection of the tiny numbers of known Kaili Ude believers
    * for Indonesian Christians to catch the vision to reach this people
    * for meeting of their physcial and social needs
    * for a strong Kaili Ude Church to emerge for the glory of His Name!

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