Islam in Dearborn, Michigan

Ford, Muslims and mosques in Dearborn, Michigan

Dearborn is the hometown of Henry Ford and the world headquarters of the Ford Motor Company. Many years ago Muslim immigrants to the United States (US) were drawn to the relatively high-paying jobs associated with the auto industry in the area.

Dearborn, Michigan now has the largest single concentration of Arab Muslims in North America. There are 32,000 Arab Muslims from Lebanon, Yemen and Iraq living in East Dearborn, making up almost 1/3 of the population. In some districts it is common to see store signs and billboards written in Arabic.

Shi’a Mosque

The Islamic Centre of America in Dearborn, a Shi’a mosque frequented mostly by Lebanese Muslims, is the largest mosque in the US. The Centre’s attractive website has several good photos:

Mosques and Islamic Centres play an important role in the life of American Muslims. They are places of refuge and of rest; places where a Muslim can experience the Islamic community and learn about Islam. Many Muslims feel safer and more relaxed within the centres which are somewhat isolated from outside influences. Dearborn is one of the few places in the US where one can actually hear the call to prayer publicly over a loudspeaker.

Making Christ Known

There have been a number of efforts to make Christ better known to Muslims in Dearborn. However, many believers say that in general, it can sometimes be even harder to discuss believing in Jesus with Muslims in Dearborn than elsewhere. Muslims in Michigan have a fortress mentality manifested in community pressure to conform to Muslim ideals.


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Map of the USA

Prayer starters:

* Pray that the Muslims in Dearborn will respond to the Gospel message they have heard (Acts 28:26-28).

* Pray for the Arabic speaking Muslim background believers who live in the area. May they have God’s grace in the Yemeni, Iraqi and Lebanese neighborhoods to start new communities of believers.

* Pray for the new adult male believers in the Messiah to openly profess their faith in the context of their families, as well as in the larger Muslim communities. Their influence and authority in the home and society will pave the way for the Gospel to be heard and obeyed by others.

From Thief to Giver

Ali (not his real name) was a man with a very hard heart. In the past he would ride trains and befriend people. When they fell asleep, he would steal their belongings, jump off the train and sell the things. He tried Islam but it did not change him. When his sister-in-law became a Christian he persecuted her. Later, however, he acknowledged Jesus as Lord and he is now one of the main leaders of the church! The transformation in his life has been nothing less than incredible! He is one of the most humble and loving men we know. This is especially seen in how he cares for his wife and daughters!

Thoughts that disturb …

* Muslims often believe that the Bible has been altered and corrupted. They will deny its authority because they see it as not being authentic.

* Muslims believe the Holy Trinity implies a belief in three gods. Many Muslims believe that the Christian Trinity is made up of the Father, Mary (the virgin) and the Son (Jesus).

* They believe it is blasphemy to affirm the divinity of Jesus and to give Him the title “Son of God”. Many believe this implies that God had sexual relations with Mary and that a son was born physically through the union. (This idea is also unacceptable for Christians.)

Video: Muslims in Dearborn

Dearborn, Arab Capital of America, history and info about Islamic Center in Dearborn [3:26]


  1. Allah is God. “Allah” means “God” in Arabic. There is no God but God (Allah) himself. That’s what Muslims believe. The fact that you think Islam has many dieties shows that you are sadly misinformed. So before you express your thoughts, with all due respect, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ACCURATE INFORMATION. Islam says to respect others’ religions and their views. It tells us to respect even those who hate. So I will respect you, and not retaliate with bigotry against your religion in response to your comment. And whatever tribe is at odds with whichever- honestly, what does it matter?

    • @ Amna..
      Salam Alaikum sis..
      “lâ ilâha illâ allâh”= there is no god but Allah
      Allah is the name of God
      So His name is not ilah=”God”
      But His name is Allah
      If we say..”there is no god but God”..which god are we talking you know there are many gods..
      Salam Alaikum Wa RahmatuAllah…

  2. Islam has no hidden agenda, except to promote peace- that may be hard for you to believe because the media has distorted the image of Islam so much. Funny how history repeats itself: not too long ago, Jews were persecuted by Christians and (still are) accused to have a hidden agenda, too. What next- Hindus will be accused of having a hidden agenda? it depends on whom the us govt. and media hates at the time.

  3. I wish to speak to Amna, who has posted comments.

    I am a devout follower of Jesus. Jesus came to show God’s love, not His hatred. I am ashamed of some of the other posts I have read which claim to be written in Jesus’ name. You are certainly correct in asserting that the term “Allah” is simply the word “God” in Arabic; just as you, I am saddened by the ignorance of many regarding Islam, as well as regarding true Christianity. I have many Muslim friends and regret the hatred and fear with which many American “Christians” view Muslims.

    The reason that I felt compelled to write this to you (as well as to others who might be reading) is to say that my belief in Jesus causes me to see you with neither hatred nor fear, but rather with compassion.

    I have read both the Bible and the Qur’an entirely. In doing so, with a heart of seeking God, I have found truth in the Bible’s presentation of Jesus that I can find no where else. I hope that the hateful attitude of so many “Christians” will not prevent you from doing the same.

    As any caring person who has found the source of water in the midst of the desert would want all those around to know how to find it too, I wish everyone would know Jesus as I know Him. Yet, regardless how you view Jesus, I will respect you as one created in the image of God and will continue to have Muslim friends, whether they ever…

  4. comment removed – we do not allow abusive comments on this site (although we do miss some of them occasionally) Admin.

  5. oh..Tom…you are indeed an empty and lost soul..
    how can one person harbour so much hate in is/her heart..?
    how can one live day in out with a heart so filled with hate…
    Who you are, comes across so vey clear..
    and all i can say is that i feel sorry for you..
    but i am so glad i do not kow you…

    • There is no hate in my heart,… I’m simply stating fact!

      • It certainly comes across as hate. I have removed your other comments. Admin.

      • @ Tom…when one speak without the right knowledge..
        nothing is a fact…and yes,it is hate that shows in your words…
        Tell me Tom..why dont you try to learn what Islam is really about..and not what others “opinions are of Islam”..?
        I will guarantee you that if you ever will try,you will understand so much that your hate prevent you from understanding….
        Dont follow the is leading you astray…
        For whatever is worth..knowledge is one email away..
        Everyone is always welcome..
        All questions are welcome…
        But i tell you Tom..and everyone..may Allah open your heart that you may see the straight path…
        No one should live with such hate/turmoil inside..
        And to that i say..Ameen..

      • Well @ Tom.. there was a reply by you (that at the moment i cannot find..) that read
        “you are a fool,… I know what islam, It will not be in this Country long, it will be dispatched very soon!”
        Well i rather be considered a fool by everyone in this world,
        “did someone not came to you with My Truth ?”
        and not been able that day to find excuses..because that day
        none of us will be able to lie..
        About Islam fading from this country,or from anywhere..
        well, dont count on that,,Jesus came to the jews and the Jews only..telling them to….wise up because they were gone astray..
        He also said that he will send the Spirit of Truth=Mohammad..(not the Holy Spirit) you will find his name in the Torah..
        He..the Spirit of truth=Mohammad..(he never told a lie in His life) He will abide with you forever..etc..etc..
        That makes Prophet Mohammad our=mine & yours=the Prophet for whole of Humanity ..
        When Jesus came to the Jews,he did not bring any new laws, but he said” i came not to change the law of Moses,but to uphold the Law..that is why Jesus is the “Messenger” of God
        and not a Prophet..
        But Prophet Mohammad came with the Law and the Message from God..and the final Message and Laws from God are found in the Quran..
        We dont have to believe anything..but just because we choose
        not does not mean that God will just say..oh poor thing…i understand…

        • ** line missing** it should read”Well i rather be considered a fool by everyone in this world than finding myself standing before Our Creator asking me..etc…
          2)The Message of the Quran is very clear…
          Every Prophet came with different Laws, because everything changes as the time passes..therefore the new Law abrogates the Law that came with the previous Prophet.
          But the Message has been the same from Adam to Mohammad..and Prophet Mohammad is the last of the Prophets..

  6. Aziza..this is a Christian site not a muslim site.
    About dearborn..i cannot say for sure,as i do not live there,but i doubt if there are any sufi’s a predominantly Shia community.

  7. Tom, we try to let everyone have their say here, but this is a site which tries to share the love of Christ and encourage Christians to pray. I have complaints from both Christians and Muslims about your comments. I will pray for you too, but I cannot allow antagonistic statements here. Thank you!

  8. hmm..
    But you know Tom..Judaism,Christianity and Islam can say..three peas in a the Messages and Laws in it, have been sent from God..and that is a reality that cant never changed..
    So..who does know it God..or is it us..?
    Islam is no ones enemy..shame that to many are blinded by hate and
    just cannot see it..
    tell me Tom..what do you think about the Bible saying that homosexuals have to be stoned to death..?(this is a question)
    either way Tom..may Allah remove the hate from your heart before it destroy your Soul..hate is a tool of Satan..
    and in time it will destroy you..
    And to that i say..Ameen..

  9. The Pope is under attack. Once again, riots, demonstrations, and “retaliations” have sparked throughout the Muslim world. Major Muslim figures — political and religious — have condemned the Pope. The “Muslim Street” is burning his effigy.

    What great crime did the Pope commit, exactly? He quoted history. In a speech about faith and reason, he quoted a debate between 14th-century Byzantine emperor Paleologus II and a Muslim theologian, where the former asked, “Show me just what Mohammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman — such as the command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.” In the context of the Pope’s speech, the point in evoking this anecdote was twofold: 1) to show how even centuries ago, there was inter-religious dialogue — a good thing to be preserved; and 2) to show that there is no room for violence where faith is concerned.

    Twice the Pope clarified that he was quoting. He also described the Byzantine emperor’s remark as “brusque.” Moreover, the Pope made it a point to mention one of the Koran’s most tolerant verses — “There is no compulsion in religion” [Koran 2:256].

    Had the Pope really wanted to defame Islam, he could have quoted from the much more numerous “sword-verses” of the Koran, which most Muslim theologians are agreed have abrogated the more tolerant ones: “Fight those of the People…

  10. you asked this question; tell me Tom..what do you think about the Bible saying that homosexuals have to be stoned to death..?(this is a question)

    here’s your answer; people in the intellectual countries don’t stone anyone!! muslims in the middle east stone people to death every day that’s a fact you con not refute!

    • And how about the way they treat thier women? Pretty sad I think.
      I love women and they should never be treated as property or slaves etc…

  11. Lisa Blackdeer says:

    I am a native of this land, I am an active member of a tribe and an active American citizen. I don’t feel anything has been stolen from me, I am a very important part of this country. Don’t speak for me al.Caswa. I am not a victim. I am so tired of hearing this rhetoric, oh you Americans stole from and murdered the natives….guess what? I have a grandfather…3 to 4 times great who envisioned a great future and helped the US Military. I am an American and the only person who wants to steal my heritage from me is you. Get a new cause.

  12. Lisa Blackdeer says:

    Muslims invaded Kuwait in 1990. Or were you not old enough to remember that?

  13. It is unbelievable that anyone can see what is happening today in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt as Christians are being threatened, murdered, churches burned…….and still tout that Islam is a religion of peace and harmony. The only time Islam will be peaceful is when all of it’s percieved enemies are dead. Mark my words. One day you will wake up and see muslims taking over America. They will break into your home with no regard to you. They will be intending to force you to convert on the spot…or be beheaded. You and your entire family will be slaughtered without mercy. Cuddle a snake and you will be bitten in the end.

    • i feel so sorry for you… you live if a fixed reality of your own and refuse to see what is really in the world. There are bad Muslims, there are good Muslims, there are bad Christians there are good Christians. There are bad people there are good people. One must explore both the good and evil sides of your world, but don’t let what you see on the evil side change your thought of rationality!

    • I agree. Be careful of what you don’t fully understand.

  14. JESUS is KING!

  15. Interesting thread. It’s good to see that there are a few moderate voices out there. Unfortunately the loudest voices on all sides are the ones of hate and intolerance. I was raised a Christian but have become an atheist because I’m convinced that as long as there is religion there will be hatred and wars. I envision a world filled with love, understanding and tolerance among all mankind but sadly religion will never allow that to be.

  16. As a fellow christian we need to respect all people

  17. iarrthoir eadrom says:

    note i am not claiming myself as a christian so if you fell as i threatin you or your page admin in any way feel free to delete it i will only just post more and more and more untill the truth is known…..

  18. Look around the world..Your prayers for peace have fell on deaf ears.

  19. so your one of the good people when your accusing people of doing something that you have no evidence of?

  20. What roles do the Muslims have in the community and on the city of Dearborn, MI or the greater Detroit Metro Area? What jobs do they work? How many people work in a Muslim family? How much capital do they come with? Are they upper middle class or lower-middle class?

  21. @Christman,
    This post is from a reply to Amna above. There is “another jesus” which Paul and the disciples did not preach else we would not have been warned of the possibility of its’ occurring.

    “You err. Surat Maryam 19:88 −19:82 speaks plainly that the allah of islam and Jehovah are not the same God. As well, the isea of islam and the Jesus of the Gospels are not in any way to be confused as speaking of the same individual.
    The muslim denies the death, burial, and reurrection of Christ, and emphatically states He was not crucified.
    The quran informs us of the erroneous belief of the muslim, that Christains believe the “Triune Jehovah”, to be comprised of the muslim allah, maryam, the quranic mother of isea, and isea, three ‘gods”. The quranic isea and the quranic maryam are said to be “associates “ of the quranic allah, which is not in anyway a Christain belief, though it is fraudulantly claimed as such in the quran’s pages.
    The belief of the Triune Jehovah is considered “shirk”, and the unforgivable sin in islam. It immediately makes one kafir, and subject to death, where ever they may be found.
    As evidenced by the recent clamor in Dearborn, Michigan, it is evident islam is not a religion of peace. The muslim in America is only behaving as sheep until they gain the strength of the lion, and then their true behavior will manifest as is occuring in Michigan and…

  22. Jesus Christ is the son of God indeed!

  23. I was looking at buying a ford. No more. Muslims in that city hate Christians and Jews.

  24. I was brought up in apostolic pentalcostal…son,god, Holy ghost follow the ten commandments…but like many I know hasn’t been easy to live right or to go by ten commandments…everyone seeks thier own salvation….Celled with a muslim in prison and we got along and got into a fight over something stupid! Met many different people in prison…very dangerious crazy individuals…Glad I never killed no one! Devil or evil thoughts and not contolling one’s actions has gotten a lot of people in trouble, pain ,and misery….following a bad preacher can get one in trouble or following a bad leader can get people in trouble…keep your mind open to different faiths…follow people causiousely, trust people so far, and always try to do right!

  25. What you know of Islam is by far nothing from the “true” Islam that makes people embrace it everyday. It’s very easy to believe what’s on the media and those people that you see killing innocents are not true Muslims even though they claim they are and what they’re doing is for the sake of God. People have been fighting and killing since the beginning of time, Hitler, David Koresh, and tons more, were they Muslims? No one labeled them “that Christian murderer” yet when it comes to a bunch of crazy radicals, a peaceful faith suffers and gets a bad name. You need to get informed from a reliable source before you judge anything or anyone. Peace be with you.

  26. shari-khadija zaidi says:

    I visited Dearborn during an Islamic conference and I loved every single part of it. God is amazing. Oh and we believe in only One God .

  27. Reply to Shell…..Unfortunately 10% of the religious Islamic people are violent. How can a person be close to GOD and kill mankind who is made in the image of GOD. I would believe a person who is close to GOD would want to be more like GOD by loving people rather than by doing people harm. GOD gave people life. We should not play the part of being GOD by taking people’s lives away by killing. These 10% misinformed Islamic people give the rest of the 90% Islamic people a “Very Bad Image” of what Islam is about. Islam is mainly about being submissive to GOD. I would also view the Christian people and the Jewish people to be a people who are submissive to GOD. There are many languages and I don’t see how GOD can be called by one name only. The misunderstanding is mainly about GOD and who He is.
    The Christian people describe GOD to be Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. The Jewish people describe GOD to be J-h-v-h. The Muslim people describe GOD to be All-h. All three faiths believe there is only ONE GOD and that He made heaven, earth, the moon, the stars, people, and all creatures that are living.
    Problem: 1. Mankind lacks knowledge 2. Mankind does wrong (called sin.)
    Solution: 1. People need to accept the right knowledge of GOD, 2. People need to choose to always have the right actions to please GOD 3. People need to allow GOD”S indwelling Spirit to live in their…

    • ‘The Christian people describe GOD to be Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. The Jewish people describe GOD to be J-h-v-h. The Muslim people describe GOD to be All-h.’

      You are wrong here, please do some more research.

  28. I am in a mission to Muslim people class and there has been thousand of converts from Islam to Christianity. It’s not impossible. When the truth is revealed, people are changed.

  29. “Dearborn is one of the few places in the US where one can actually hear the call to prayer publicly over a loudspeaker.” – why is this so? why is this releigion able to encroach peace & quiet on the people of the USA? I feel sorry for the next generation of US citizens

  30. Muslims speak of peace, but lack it in their own heart and mind. They can faithfully perform all five pillars of their faith and still not know when they die if they will be accepted by Allah. Their religion is a works-based system where they continually try to appease a wrathful god through repetitious rituals. In their religion there is no concept of God as love; only judgement and wrath.

  31. Better wake up Dearborn

  32. I’m ashamed at my fellow Americans. When did it become that one religion was less than another? When did we become so hateful? If your excuse is 9/11 you need to stop living in the past, we lost many great and wonderful people there but that doesn’t give us the right to condemn an entire race. I doubt half of you have ever been to Dearborn let alone talked to a Muslim. They’re friendly, go to school, participate in the community, and lead lives just like the rest of us, but you find the need to shun them and look down on them because of their religion. “Better wake up Dearborn” “I feel sorry for Dearborn” Keep your sympathy. We don’t need it nothing is wrong. We’re culturally diverse and guess what my neighbors are Muslim and they are the kindest people I know. Why do people always seek to “convert” those of another religion? What is so wrong about being diverse? If you’re going to make an ignorant comment about false knowledge, research it before so you don’t look like an ass.

    • @Jessica – Maybe when one religion teaches that the followers of all other religions are those that must be converted or subjugated by Islam (Quran 8:55, 9:28-30, 25:44, 48:28-29, 98:6, etc), which is what Muhammad and the first”righteous caliphs” did during the foundation of Islam. Unless Islam has a new prophet or a new Quran, it’s difficult not to be suspicious.

      Islam is not a race.

      I do think it’s best to treat an individual with respect, and make sure have some accurate information. Being hostile will probably just shut down communication. After all, even Abu Darda was reported as saying, “We smile in the face of some people [non-Muslims] although our hearts curse them”!

  33. For all Muslims who worship Islam, truth be told, everyone of you will not achieve Heaven (Paradise) This goes also for some Christians and other faiths as well. (Matt 7:14) Reason being, Jesus is the only answer to get to God. There is no other way. I know you Muslims don’t agree with that. I understand. If you don’t want the only way to go to Heaven, that’s your choice. I will not force it upon you. Matt 12:31-32, Mark 3:28-29 and John 3:17:18.[edited for content / brevity, admin]

  34. al_caswa

    When you quote our Bible, read the whole context. I know you expect the same from the reading of the Quran. It would be unfair, if not unwise to strip a segment or some reference, whether it be of the Quran or the Bible. All the references I gave you, read the entire chapter, if you must. You will get a different story. All of your references read all alone will give a story you want and if that is all there was to say about it, I would say you may be right. Interpretation can change if you strip out of a story or strip words out of a verse that you want us to only read but if you read it all…..things look different or they become understandable. The comforter is not Muhammad. It is the holy spirit. If Jesus does not go away (meaning die on the cross, which is another fallacy the Quran teaches. Muslims do not believe that Jesus ever died on the cross. Some other look-a-like did. Surah 4:157-159), the comforter will not come. And this comforter will reprove the world of sin through Jesus Christ. John 16:7-16. Read the whole thing. Jesus is clearly not talking about Muhammad. I’ve been down this road many times. There are many others. You really haven’t learned what Christianity really is. I do know this. The Quran strips the total essence as to the true meaning of what Christianity truly is which is the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. To say that Jesus never died on the cross totally destroys the core of what Christianity stands for. That right there is exactly why your (Islam’s god) and my (Bible’s God) are not the same being.

  35. Not a Bible scholar, but I can read. I’ll give it a try.

    “Mathttew 15:24″ But he helps the woman because of her faith, although his mission had not reached that stage, just like he helped the Roman Centurion (Matthew 8:5-13), etc.

    “Deuteronomy 18:18 … cannot be speaking of Jesus”
    Why? He was from the twelve tribes of Israelites, brethren same as Deut. 17:15 speaks of (unlike cousin Ishmael, Galatians 4:21-31), and Jesus delivered a new covenant.

    Why are you ignoring Isaiah 29:11? Is that someone special? It doesn’t say either one of them (verse 11 or 12) uses the scroll for anything. Did Gabriel hand Muhammad a scroll?
    [edited for brevity, Admin]

  36. Bill Alexander says:

    That quote is John 14:6, George.
    Also we all inherited the sin of disobedience of Adam/Eve in the garden of Eden.
    Therefore, as found in Romans 3:23 “all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.”
    “glory of God” What God intended man to be. The glory that man had before the fall. (read Genesis 1:26-28; Psalm 8:5-6; cf. Ephesians 4:24: Colossians 3:10) the believer will again have through Christ (read Hebrews 2:5-9).
    In Romans 6:23 is found, “the wages of sin is death (eternal), but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Two kinds of servitude are contrasted here. One brings death as its wages; the other results in eternal life, not as wages earned or merited, but as a gift of God. For the contrast between wages and gift we find in Romans 4:4 “Now when a man works, his wages are not credited to him as a gift, but as an obligation.”

  37. Rev. Dr. Chapman says:

    You have answered well. Muslims do indeed believe in Jesus. However, you do not believe that Jesus is God. You only believe that Jesus was a Prophet. If a prophet lies, he is not a prophet, right? Did you know that Jesus himself claimed to be God? Why would He die just to prove a lie? Would YOU? Nobody would. So if Jesus is a true prophet, then He has to be God, right? Read the Bible. If you believe that it has been corrupted, then read the ORIGINAL Bible manuscripts in Greek and Hebrew. Check it out.

  38. Muslimah,

    You are indeed fortunate to live in a country that respects all faiths.

    It seems the muslim-American community holds a double standard – demanding tolerance for islam yet claiming offense to any questions or criticism from those outside the religion.
    Muslim faith leaders will express condolences for attacks perpetrated in the name of Allah, but will IMMEDIATE follow with a complaint that they may be subject to skepticism.

    The muslim world will need to give up the Ummah concept and become truly objective if they are to be fully accepted.

  39. In my experiences with Muslims, they know very little about Muhammad, the Quran or the Bible. The same can be said of so many nominal Christians or any other group who defends an idea without knowing all of its concepts. For example, while I am a fierce civil libertarian, I couldn’t list all of the articles in my own Bill of Rights. However, the fact remains that the more one learns about Islam, the higher the likelihood of discarding that religion or taking up jihad.

  40. …however, God Said: “this is my son; hear ye Him”

  41. I’ve been reading all of your posts and consider this. NO one will change the others mind. This bickering is pointless. The Bible and Qur’an are books written from oral stories. Jonah and the Whale was not written the way we see it now. It originally was Jonah and the Leviathan. Lets all agree to disagree or meet behind the 7-11 for some UFC action.

  42. John 3:16
    “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.
    about 540 years later the Qur’an was put together , Till this day people acknowledge him but defy his teachings by taking para phrases from the bible then misinterpreting to suit their beliefs.

    1 John 4:3
    And every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you heard was coming and now is in the world already.

    So please be mindful.

  43. Freedom of religion in Islam?

    Try leaving Islam, and in almost every Islamic country and society, you will be either jailed or murdered.

    Islam only looks good on paper. In reality, Islam is nothing but hell for those who live in it.

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