Mosques spring up like mushrooms in Maroua, Cameroon

cameroon_mosquesMaroua is the provincial capital of the extreme northern province of Cameroon. (Yaounde is the capital city of Cameroon.) For more than a century, the city and the region has been directed by the Fulani people (also called Peuls). Economically and politically, the city and region are largely in the hands of the Muslim authorities.

| · Regional population 2,675,000
| · Tribal religions: 5%
| · Protestants: 17%
| · Catholics: 32%
| · Muslims: 42%
| · Others: 2%

Mosques spring up like mushrooms in Cameroon

During the late 1990s, several Muslim “missionaries” have become very active in the city of Maroua and the surrounding region. Through the efforts of Muslim businessmen, other local mosques and foreign financing (especially from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan), new mosques have sprung up like mushrooms. In recent years one can even find mosques in villages where there may be only ten Muslims. People who formerly called themselves Christians have embraced Islam. Some Muslims are receiving training on how to lead Christians into Islam. A number of young Christians are being influenced to continue their studies in Muslim countries through various scholarships. These scholarship programmes are often linked to efforts eventually to persuade Christian students to become Muslims. Several Muslim groups are encouraging the installation of Islamic law (sharia) in the northern part of Cameroon.

It takes the goat in Cameroon

Despite all this, there are some Christians in the Maroua region who continue to evangelise Muslims. God is also at work through them, leading Muslims to faith in Christ. During the month of Ramadan in 2002, God permitted a goat in a rural area to be involved in introducing a Muslim couple to the gospel. The goat arrived unexpectedly at the home of a Christian woman: it refused to leave despite repeated and determined efforts to drive it away. After several days the Christian lady decided to look for the family who had lost its goat. While visiting various neighbours, she eventually found the goat’s Muslim owner. This woman readily expressed her thanks that the goat had been returned and invited the Christian lady for a meal. A friendship sprang up between the two women and their families. It was in this way that this entire Muslim family (husband, wife and two children) received the gospel.


Flag of Cameroon


Map of Cameroon

It should be noted that a recent translation of the 30-Days Muslim Prayer booklet was done in the Maroua area. The booklet was translated from French into Fulfulde, the language of the local Fulani Christians.

Prayer for Cameroon:

* Pray that Muslim efforts to implant Islam more strongly in the Maroua district would be frustrated.

* Pray that the Christians in the region will have a unified vision to bring the Good News to their Muslim neighbours. Thank God for the general solidarity which is evident among God’s servants in the area.

* Pray for the evangelists (possibly numbering as many as 20) who are already working in the Maroua district. May God strengthen them and bless their efforts.

* Pray for God’s protection and strength on the home groups that are springing up in the area.

* Pray for those who are discipling the new converts. They often face opposition: may God strengthen them.

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