Somalia – home of the queen of Sheba

somalia-kids-30-days-netI and Somalia against the world.
I and my clan against Somalia.
I and my family against the clan.
I and my brother against the family.
I against my brother.
Somali Proverb

Somalia, located in the Horn of Africa and wrapped around Ethiopia like a bandage, was formerly British Somaliland in the north and Italian Somaliland in the south. They became an independent nation in 1960, forming the country of Somalia. Even only if by name, the north still remains a self-declared state which is unrecognised by the international community.

Somalia was Punt

1000 years ago Somalia was a great nation known as Punt. It was the home of the Queen of Sheba, and traded spices with many countries, even as far as China. It is now one of the poorest countries in the world, with few natural resources. Somalia has been brought to its knees by dictators, civil wars, clan warfare and self- acclaimed leaders wanting to take power.

There has been no central government since 1991, however in August 2000 a new Somali president was elected. Northern Somaliland challenged the president’s claim to represent the entire country. Until recently, clans were the governing body in Somalia. Most of the factions are simply extended families engaged in blood feuds. Where clans did not rule, bandits did. Slowly the power is shifting from the warlords to business leaders, who support and bankroll the new government. Most Somalis despise the warlords. Loyalty lies wherever the best deal comes from, regardless of their clan.

Khat or qat


Flag of Somalia


Map of Somalia

Although technically not dangerous by itself, most Somalis, including children, are involved in chewing qat (or khat), an amphetamine-like stimulant. When chewed, it provides a mild “high” and numbs their feelings. Those who don’t fight battles or raise camels grow qat. It is big business and can also be used as a form of currency. 50% of Somalis are nomads and the camel is the principal form of transport.

Radicals in Somalia

They believe that their first ancestor was a member of the Koreish tribe, to which the prophet Muhammed belonged. Local tradition and past law make changing your faith a crime for any religion except to Islam. The number of adherents of radical Islam is growing.

Aware that their meeting together could cost them their lives, there are a few small groups of local believers in both the south of Somalia and in the north (Somaliland) who get together to pray and read the Scriptures. They share a real hunger for God.

Prayer Guide for Somalia

* That the Somali people would come to recognise their need of Jesus in their lives.

* Isaiah 42:12 Let them give glory to the Lord and declare His praise in the coastlands. Pray that God would reveal His glory to them so that they can share it with other Muslims.

* Pray for the thousands who have been affected by the wars, that God would meet them and heal their hearts of all their brokenness (Isaiah 61:1).

* Pray that God will move supernaturally (some years ago, many people saw Jesus in a sand storm).


  1. The truth of a religion is not in the number of followers it has, or the holy life the people live. But the truth of a religion is in the God itself.
    That there are only a few Somalis that believe in the Christ, it doesn’t mean that christianity is wrong. That there are only a few Brasilian muslims, does it mean the Islam is wrong? Read the Bible, read the Quran, the Hindu and Buddhist scriptures and look for the truth. Pray to God that he’ll show you who he is.

  2. my brother that is so good me my self i am somali chistian man but that is not means that we have freedom no we live under cover of the name of muslim pray for us

  3. Alright so far so good I ain’t nothing against you all of you seems to you are very open minded guys I am somali then muslim remember this the religions doesn’t need any help from us either christian or muslim what needs our help is our sisters and brothers and our land wichs somalis and the land it self if you are somali Christian that doesn’t makes me sad or happy if you are Muslim same as christian all I want from to be a somali who cares his country and respect others I do not wish to hurt anyone in here am just representing what I think is good for all of us

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