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This section of our website features articles on the top 100 Muslim countries.
Read and pray for many colorful peoples and places in the Muslim world.

Malaysia Muslims, a country of contrasts


Malaysia, a country of contrasts....beautiful tropical beaches, mountain jungles, modern cities, a world class airport and Formula One Grand Prix car racing. With the rapid changes of the last 30 - 50 … Continue reading...

Thailand – the land of smiles


Thailand, the land of smiles, is predominantly known as a Buddhist nation, with golden tip temples and saffron robed monks scattered throughout much of the nation. Buddhism is also recognized as the … Continue reading...

Sudan – rumors of war


Special Report Christians in Sudan and South Sudan have asked you and I to pray! There continue to be atrocities against Christians and reports of "ethnic cleansing" in the region. Details are here: … Continue reading...

Pray for the Muslim Alawites (Nusairians) in Syria


The Alawites are members of a special Islamic group; there are about 2 million of them in Syria (10-15 per cent of the total Syrian population). Their mother tongue is Arabic, and their traditional … Continue reading...

Loving Muslims in Alexandria, Egypt


Called the "Bride of the Sea", Alexandria is located on the northwest corner of the Nile Delta. Alexandria, Egypt's Rich History Alexandria has a rich history. Founded by Alexander the Great in … Continue reading...

Pray for Muslims in Mugla province, south-west Turkey


Mugla province is situated at the south-western tip of Turkey. It has a population of about 700,000, and its physical size is about 13,500 sq km (slightly larger than the state of Connecticut in the … Continue reading...

Understanding Muslims in Central African Republic (CAR)


| · Note: animistic beliefs and practices strongly influence the "Christian" majority Poverty in CAR The former French colony of Ubangi-Shari became the Central African Republic upon … Continue reading...

Pray for Muslim cities in Oman


The Sultanate of Oman The Sultanate of Oman, easily accessible from Dubai, is situated in the northeastern part of the Arabian Peninsula. A little smaller than the United Kingdom, its major … Continue reading...

Life in Muslim Somalia


"To be Somali is to be Muslim" Among Somalis it is a commonly held idea that, “All Somalis are Muslim and if there are any Somalis who say otherwise they are only being paid to do so.” Even Somalis … Continue reading...

Islam in The United States of America (USA), background


Understanding Islam in the USA - Statistics or lack thereof Amazingly, there is no definitive estimate for the number of Muslims in the United States of America. There are many estimates, ranging … Continue reading...