Word from the Chairman

During the last nine years I have had the responsibility of putting together the international version of the “30-Days” prayer materials as chairman. I want to thank you for praying. Many of you have participated for several years. Much progress has been made in making the Messiah known to Muslims around the world. “30-Days” has played a role in the effort. God is doing marvelous things.

Recently I became familiar with the life of a man named Mahesh Das, who was later known as Birbal (1528-1586). This man became a chief minister in the court of the Mughal Emperor Akbar the Great in India. Birbal embodies something which should really be appreciated in Muslim cultures. He had wit and wisdom which was remarkable.

Here is an example (There are several versions of this story):

One day Akbar was strolling in his palace gardens with Birbal. Many crows were flying around. The king enjoyed watching them. He asked Birbal “How many crows are there in my kingdom?” Birbal thought a moment, then said, “They are ninety-five thousand, four hundred and sixty three (95,463) crows in your kingdom, My lord.” “How do you know that for sure?” the king asked. “You can have them counted, My lord.” Birbal said. The king asked again, “And if there will be less than that, then?” Birbal replied immediately, “That means that the rest of them have gone to see relatives in some neighbouring kingdoms.” “Or if there were more than that, then?” “Then it means that other crows are visiting your kingdom, My lord.”

The wit and wisdom of this man won Akbar’s heart. It is said that many years later when Birbal died in a battle in Afghanistan Akbar was in mourning for several months.

He deeply missed his friend. Many years before, at a happier moment, apparently one day a wild elephant was chasing Birbal, who was on foot, during a hunt. Birbal was close to being killed by the huge beast. Yet at the last moment Akbar rode his horse in front of the enraged elephant. The animal was so amazed by the Akbar’s courageous stand that he turned and fled. Risking his own life Akbar had saved his friend. We, as believers, know someone who gave his life for us.

Friendships are needed to make the Gospel known. I want to encourage you to become a friend of Muslims in your heart. Tomorrow will be Friday. Will you join me in praying for Muslims on Fridays during the coming weeks, perhaps for the coming year? In this way you may continue to be involved in saving their lives for all eternity. On our web site you can find some tools to help you to pray on Fridays.

Prayer Request:

  • Today I would like to ask you to pray for the coordinators of “30-Days” around the world. You can see a complete list of our offices on our site (National offices). Many of the coordinators and other volunteers have served in producing and distributing this prayer literature for many years. Some do this with significant personal risk, several are my personal friends. They face numerous spiritual and practical challenges. You might also think of participating financially in this prayer effort by giving to your regional “30-Days” office.

TDI, the Chairman of the “30 Days” Coordinators

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