What others say about us

what-others-say-30-days-net• “For years we saw no fruit until you prayed for our city last year. Now we have a thriving church and are planting more!”

What others say about us

• “I plan to go to Zanzibar next year… I think you featuring Zanzibar has a LOT to do with my decision…”

• The Muslim world is a challenge to Christians–especially since 9/11. We will not impact Muslims through our theological arguments or political manipulation, but we will through prayer. The annual 30 Day prayer emphasis that coincides with the Muslim month of Ramadan has been a remarkable global effort to focus millions of Christians on prayer for the spiritual needs of Muslims. Is it surprising, then, that during the years of the 30 Days Muslim Prayer Focus there has been a corresponding rise in the number of Muslims turning to Christ? May God call many more as intercessor-priests (Rev 5-8) to change our world and extend His Kingdom!
Patrick Johnstone, WEC International, Author, Operation World

  • “I’ve been participating in the 30-days of prayer since 1994. I used to share a classroom with a Muslim man in Boston, Massachusetts. He “caught” me praying one day, using the booklet and so began many spiritual conversations. Curious, he began attending my church, and years later became a Christian and was baptized. I never thanked you or the 30-days family, but wow, it’s incredible how God has taught me over the years as a result of this prayer initiative.” Julie, Thailand
  • The whole world is aware of the rise of Islamic passions. Unfortunately, for many the response is fear and hatred; that is not heaven’s response. Through the 30 Days Muslim Prayer Focus, we can tune into God’s heart for people–and that never results in fear or hatred. The prayer guide booklet published each year provides invaluable knowledge, and that also helps us to approach Muslims with Godly hearts. As we learn and pray, the kingdom of fear is driven back and the Kingdom of God advances.
    — Lynn Green, Chairman of Youth With A Mission
  • “I found the content fascinating, and learnt a lot. Please carry on the good work for next year. It was really valuable to focus on specific areas, cities, people etc, and I can’t think of anything you should stop!” Brian, UK
  • “As I started praying I realized that one of the reasons I’ve had trouble in my business is due to an issue with a Moslem VP in my company. I think God used the fact that I was praying to help me see this issue…” Elaine

• “This will be the 3rd year our family has used the 30-Days Prayer Guide. My kids love it and actually look forward to our family prayer time every day.”

• I realized that there is hope in reaching the seemingly unreachable, thanks! I was shocked to know how little we know about the Muslim faith.

• The most condensed, educational, and broadening instrument to us “general people” I have ever seen! My heart has been changed.

We all recognize the need to pray. We’ve all been challenged to pray for the world. The hard thing is knowing how to do that well. The 30 Days Muslim Prayer Focus is the kind of tool that enables effective prayer. We at the U.S. Center for World Mission, Mission Frontiers magazine, and William Carey Library publisher don’t want to fill your mailbox with more good things to do, we know you are likely very busy, BUT, we do want to encourage you to join in with the thousands-if not millions-who will be praying this fall for the Muslim world. This year’s events from the war in Iraq to the release of the film, The Passion, have continued to bring focus on this part of the world. Let’s join together and go before our Lord for the advance of His purposes in all the earth.
— Greg H. Parsons, General Director U.S. Center for World Mission

• “We (my wife is the Secondary Principal) teach at an MK school in Almaty, KZ. We used your material to pray as an entire Jr. HIgh/HS. Students fasted. We watched one of the testimony clips from 30 days in assembly. Great to focus on others and not just our own world. Great also to pray about something that is real to us – Islam.” Otto, USA

• “On the last night of Ramadan, we handed out Gospels in the streets and people started fighting with each other in an attempt to get a copy for themselves. We were chased into shops by people asking for the Injil (Gospel). One Berber, gave his life to the Lord and now wants to get Baptised and go into the mountains to tell his people about Jesus!” Rabett, Middle East

• “We are believers from Sarajevo, where during our regular prayer meetings God spoke to several brothers and sisters to organize fasting and prayer for Muslims during Ramazan. When God birthed that idea in us we didn’t know about your ’30-Days’ activity, but now it seem quite obvious that God wanted to involve us in prayer offensive which is taking place all over the world.” Jok, Sarajevo

I have been using the 30 Day Muslim Prayer Focus in both English and Dutch for many years. This is a wonderful way to meet the real world of Islam—a world you may not have encountered physically—and to connect them to the throne of God. Being aware of the growing influence of Islam, this book helps us gain the right attitude towards Muslims and to let the compassion of Jesus through us influence their lives. Think big! This is the only way all of us can influence them.
— Brother Andrew, Open Doors, Founder

• “During this time of prayer many received a vision to pray more globally.” Errol, Canada

• I’ve prayed through the 30 Days Muslim Prayer Focus for many years. I personally haven’t found a better resource than your wonderful Prayer Guide to help me pray for Muslims with clear understanding of who they are and their needs. I believe consistent prayer lays the foundation for the Lord’s breakthroughs, so I hope every Christian everywhere prays through your Guide so that we can see the Lord’s name established throughout the entire Muslim world. Thanks for your hard work. Eternity will show its impact!
— Fred Markert, director YWAM Network for Strategic Initiatives

• Thank you so much for compiling this. I find it most helpful as I know from experience just what it is like in M nations during this time of M fasting. Your work helps me focus on prayer.

• Since last year its like a fire has been born in my heart for this people, I will be faithfully praying throughout the 30-days.

• I am a Muslim but i respect what you are doing here. I had no idea there were so many converts, it must be hard for them. I do have to admit that it makes me sad the people leave Islam, but as long as they find God and peace instead of evil, it can never be a bad thing.

• How very clever of you to have the Muslim world illustrated by such an attractive looking couple. We do get such a diet of veiled women and hard-faced imams which makes Muslims seem less than human.

• It’s only Good News if the news gets to the lost in time.


The 30-Days of Prayer for the Muslim World is a 10/40 Window project, endorsed — among others — by the Global Prayer Track formerly of the AD2000 & Beyond Movement, YWAM, OM, OD, Frontiers and most major missions organizations, the Evangelical Alliances of Europe, Transformations Africa and by major churches and ministries around the world.

Please promote 30-Days of Prayer to your constituency!

Did you know:

* Thousands of churches, ministries and prayer groups join in prayer for Muslims around the world, and distribute 30-Days Prayer booklets to their constituency.

* Millions of Christians have participated worldwide since 1993.

* Many Christians have commented on how much they have learned about Islam, and how their negative attitudes about Muslims have been changed as they read about and prayed for Muslims.

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  1. Gbadamosi fawsiyah says:

    I would love to comment on what you wrote but i will start by what prophet Mohammed said “ANY ONE OF YOU SHOULD NOT TESTIFY ON WHAT YOU HAVE NO WITHNESS OF”First from what have seen this site will be for christian and you no what am not suprise because there is a case in our school whereby a christian went to the imam claiming to be a muslim and through that misleading people but you know what, i was not suprise because GOD has giving the cristian a first class decieving techniques the same one they use in muslim countries.If not that you would never have written that a muslim believe that GOD have sex with HAAA……..may GOD seprate use from evil people has he as seprated the east from west .Are you trying to tell me that prophet Esah(jesus) is superior to that of Adam who GOD gave is own breath.We muslim do not believe Esah(jesus) has the son of GOD precisely because GOD is distinct from man and he has sent so many prophet before esah with so many miracle you did not had about prophet musa (moses) and it was phrehaoun who want to kill him that brought him up yussuf,ibrahim,yacub they did many miracles even the bible says you should find out things and grap the one that it is the truth if you want to preach why don’t go to church instead of making up stories .You know what the most amazing thing about cristians are that they don’t find out about anything the way…

    • Savio Carvalho says:

      I am not sure what you are trying to communicate but you seem very angry with Christians. I will only say that Christians want to share about the love of God manifest through Jesus Christ our Lord. Surely, Christians have done mistakes but they sincerely desire to serve God. The truth is we live in a fallen and sinful world and we need a saviour. We cannot save ourselves. That is what Christ who we believe was God did for us. He loves you. There are many Muslims who have met Christ and known his love in a tangible way. God bless you.

  2. Thank you for this site. I pray for you also because this is a tremendous tool in praying in unity. I wish that throughout the year you would send out info. I love the information about countries I’ve never even heard of.

  3. I also thank you for this site. I will be praying that all muslim people receive Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. His blood was shed for all of us and is sufficient to cleanse all of us from our sin if only we would place our trust on that!

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