How to Pray Creatively during Ramadan | 26th – 27th some ideas

Pray the Night of Power. Suggestions and ideas for personal and group prayer.

These are some creative prayer ideas and tips on how to use the 30-Days Muslim World Prayer Guide materials in a group or for your personal prayer time.

Organizing group prayer for the Night of Power

You can use these materials to pray creatively by yourself in your own prayer times, and also to join with groups of others to pray together. We would encourage you to find creative ways to involve as many people as possible with you in this prayer focus. Jesus gave some special promises of blessing for Christians who come together to pray and agree as a group.

You could organise some weekly or twice weekly meetings over the 30 day Ramadan period with your church, your youth group, your committee or leaders’ meetings, your women’s meetings, home Bible studies, cell groups, children’s groups; in fact, any occasion when your Christian friends and associates meet together.

A Social Occasion

Take a social occasion and turn it into a prayer event as well. Have others join with you in a special meal using the prayer topic for that day. Find out all you can about that particular culture – including food and dress, music, sports, etc.


It is helpful if one person is chosen as the leader/facilitator of the group for that time of prayer. This person can give direction and cohesion to the prayer time, and assist the group in using the following guidelines.


As you pray through the Prayer Guide that are suggested for each day, ask and expect the Holy Spirit to lead you in prayer, revealing certain areas of detail and specific focus for you to pay particular attention to (Romans 8:26).

Take notes and keep a journal of your prayer times. Particularly note any Scriptures that God may prompt you to read concerning that day’s topic.

It is helpful if the group focuses its prayers for one subject area at a time, rather than chopping and changing all over the place. Each person should wait before moving on to a different topic, until every person has been able to pray out their prayers over the current subject area (1Corinthians 14:40). Make sure that all have an opportunity to pray for that area or need if they want to.

Be Creative

Look for ways to make your times of prayer varied and interesting. God is infinitely creative, and has made us in His image, so we can expect creative ideas and prayers to flow as we seek Him. For example, using a map or reading out a short article on a particular country or need related to the day’s prayer theme can add interest and spark new ideas of needs to pray for. Photographs and pictures, maps or even radio, television and video documentaries can do the same.


“The Night of Power” is a strategic night of prayer. Consider setting aside this night for an all night prayer time with your church or mission group. [“Day 26″ can be confusing. The reason is night precedes day in the Islamic Calendar. In the past the prayer focus was on Day 27, however, for many the Night was already over….]


Let us believe God for an outpouring of His Spirit on our Muslim neighbours worldwide. Let us pray and believe for the fulfilment of Revelation 7:9, that every group, including the peoples of Islam, will be represented before the throne of God on that final day.

Make It A Different Prayer Meeting – Specific for “The Night of Power”

During Ramadan our mission committee floated the idea of holding a prayer night on the Muslim “night of power” when God often works in miraculous ways throughout the Muslim world. (‘Night of Power’ prayer nights can be used throughout the year!)

It won’t be another “dull” prayer meeting.

We recognise that “prayer meetings” are seen by many as dull or boring and often have a corresponding lack of attendance – “just another night out”. As we wrestled with this, the idea came to use a format that has been used in various ways by our creative ministries team. So began our journey to create various prayer “stations”. The aim was to cover as many of the senses and prayer styles as possible and yet be informative and not too disjointed.

Set up the meeting room

Our venue was the church auditorium, from which half the seating was removed giving wings at either side which were lit. On the entry side was information on Islam (including Ramadan, the Night of Power, Muslims and sin, Muslims and Jesus) with prayer focus points and information on several countries, sourced from the “30 Days of Prayer” booklet and added to by pictures and library books. Prayer points were highlighted. One of these stations focussed on ‘dreams and visions’. It looked at the importance of dreams and this night of revelation to Muslims and had scripture and prayer points. It also had some testimonies of Muslims meeting Jesus through dreams.

The other side focused on Islam in our country, from similar sources. This side also contained a trestle covered with newsprint on which was the outline of a world map (traced from a wall map) and felt pens for people to write prayers. Our national stand also had hand outs available for people to take away on how to witness effectively to Muslims and also how to reach Muslim students in our country (these were printed off the 30 Days promotional/resource CD).

Both seats and floor cushions were provided at these stations for those who wanted to use these.

Set the Welcome and Ambiance

At the entrance was a “Welcome” sign and a “please leave your shoes at the entrance”. Headscarves (borrowed from the children’s Playgroup and previously washed) were available for women to wear if they so wanted. These added colour to the entrance as well. We had people do a right turn as they came in the door – most folk naturally turn left – reflecting Arabic language which is written from right to left. On the path to the earlier stations we invited folk to “join with us on a journey through the Muslim world and pray that the people of Ishmael would know the one true God and Jesus as the Messiah (Isa-al-Masih).”

In the centre we left the pews, which were used when we called people together at an appointed time for corporate prayer, lead by our pastor. As a conclusion of this time, small groups went to pray at the various stations. This central area was dimly lit and had a power point presentation running for the duration of the night. Pictures had been sourced from the internet with prayer points and scriptures interspersed. From the sound desk, Arabic style worship music was playing quietly throughout the evening.

Women Only Corner

One of the side rooms off the auditorium was used to focus on the women and children of Islam. The door was curtained and a “Women Only” sign placed beside it. The idea was to reflect a Muslim home and the hospitality of that. Outside the door, like the guest lounge in an Asian home, we had two couches, plus a wall display with pictures and a poem. A table was set with a jug of water and glasses for people to help themselves, along with some snack food which would be similar to the “iftah” with which Muslims break the fast after sunset each day during Ramadan. For this, I used patty pans containing a date, dried apricot, chocolate truffle and some chocolate raisins. Inside, the curtained room was set up as a family room with a kitchen table and similar chairs. A greater number of pictures and prayer points were on the display board here, focusing on women and children – some Mission agencies have calendars which are great for pictures. One table was set with water and food as in the “guest room” and more people partook in the privacy here. (I had a comment from one of the guys, “What did you have in there?”) On another table was a collection of books, again focusing on women in the Muslim world, and paper and pen to record those who wanted to borrow these. This gave it a “homework” feel. A cassette recorder was playing Arabic style music here also. The different timing from the main room gave some clash of sounds as in a busy Asian neighbourhood. It also represented the ministry of songwriters working in the Muslim world, the men amongst which cannot otherwise minister to women. This room was well used during the evening.

Jesus at the center

A spotlight was focused on a beautiful wall hanging that we have in our auditorium, as a reflection point to consider the work of Jesus and His centrality in the continuing work of the kingdom.

We had quite a number of positive responses to the whole evening and felt that it was well worth the effort that was put in. We hope this helps you with creative ideas when you pray during Ramadan and especially on the “Night of Power”.

(From a church in New Zealand)


Ideas for Praying in Groups – Want to pray with a group once per week or even one day to cover the whole 30 days of Ramadan? Here is a flexible idea to pray 30, 15, 5 or 3 minutes in groups for all the material. That breaks down to 15, 7.5, 2.5 or just 1.5 hour slots – great for churches!


  • download the Praying in Groups Idea (pray_in_groups_events.pdf [57 kb])
  • download the Group Prayer Schedule (pray_groups_schedule.pdf [56 kb])
  • Are Your Prayers On Target? A Guide to Victorious Prayer? – A two page brochure filled with biblical references about God’s joy to hear us pray. Designed by us to help encourage your faith when praying during Ramadan. (rk_prayerbrochure.pdf 162 KB)
  • When You Fast … ” A Biblical Guide To Victorious Fasting – A two page brochure including practical tips, health pointers and many starting bible references to begin cross-referencing. Also designed by us to help encourage your faith. (rk_fastingbrochure.pdf 142KB)

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Video – creative ideas how to pray

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