The “Grace and Truth” Affirmation:

Toward Christlike Relationships with Muslims (Affirmation Introduction)

30-Days International has decided to actively participate in a worldwide affirmation of believers called “Grace and Truth: Toward Christlike Relationships with Muslims.”

We ask our prayer partners to seriously consider the statements in this text and to pray this for yourself, your congregation and the body of Christ. We encourage
believers to repent concerning all un-Christlike attitudes toward Muslims which are unworthy of our crucified and risen King. We have shortened the text a bit in order to make it fit into the “30 Days” format.

The following is the “Introduction of the Grace and Truth Affirmation.”

This is an Affirmation from a Global Network of Christians who love Muslims and many who live and serve among them. Jesus calls his followers to experience and live out the love of God. This love is made accessible to all people through Christ, who came to the world “full of grace and truth.” However, because of cultural differences, threats of terrorism and negative stereotypes of Muslims, many of God’s people shrink back from fulfilling Jesus’ command to love all people.

We note that the Islamic World contains significant theological and ideological diversity. The spectrum of Muslim perspectives and practice ranges from secularists, modernists and some traditionalists, to extremist Islamists who promote militant jihad. Recognizing this great diversity, we affirm nine biblical guidelines that can enable Jesus’ followers to serve as his representatives in relationship with Muslims of every persuasion:

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  1. i was reading your article. i find it amazing. it is very accurate. i believe we Christians need to explian the Gospel clearly to Muslims, but only within the context of loving kindness and forbearnce, knowing that generations of hatered will not easily go away. we must pray for God to open MUslim eyes.

  2. as a Christian, i agree that the earth and all that is in it belongs to God, but the true LORD, Yahweh, not to Allah. God wants a relationship with all men, but becuase of sin, God had to drive us out of paradise in Eden. yet He has provided a way back in Jesus/Isa, who came to die on the cross for our sins. He rose from the dead and went back to Heaven, but left his Spirit until the work on earth is done. amen.

  3. I agree with the 9 Affirmations, but maybe we need a 10th one. I would suggest that we cannot refrain from speaking the hard truths for fear of offending someone or damaging the relationship. We cannot just pretend that the hard truths don’t exist. Jesus spoke them and sometimes they were too hard to hear, but he loved people enough to still speak them at the risk of losing a close friend. Maybe the 10th Affirmation should say something like this: Christians need to love Muslims enough to speak the hard truth, yet seek the wisdom to speak it with love and grace.

  4. It’s Interesting Article, thanks for sharing this, but the Muslims recognise Christ as Prophet. God is a soul. this Soul was in CHrist but he had a Human Body. this soul was talking by the name of God. but Muslims do not want to accept Trinity (God, Son and Holy Soul – this is One Hypostas of God) and it’s mistake to accept Christ as Prophet. everyone beleievs God even in Maputu, but important is the way how to live, how you are thinking and how pure soul you have. but to have pure soul means you have to devote and follow only the way to Christ. there is no way but only he.

    • Truth is Bitter says:

      God can’t be so mean, people who do not know Jesus cant go to hell coz they dont know him.
      and people cant attain salvation coz they believed in Jesus.
      Islam says attaining salvation depends upon your deeds and also by believing in Unity of God.
      Quran says salvation will be provided to every individual (irrespective of religions & races & ages) if he has done good and believed in unity God (not trinity) will avail salvation.

      Christians say that everyone will get salvation whoever accepted Jesus this is wrong Adolf Hitler cannot attain salvation coz he belived in Jesus but his deeds will also be counted.

  5. Europe neevr can be Muslim Contitnent as you wish, because your wish is coming not from truth but from your heart which is closed and eyes which are blind. Pray to save your soul only.

    • Truth is Bitter says:

      One should not say that so and so religion will prevail, but we should say that Truth will prevail, thus If Islam is Truth it will prevail”.

      FYI Islam is the fastest growing religion in the World irrespective of massive propoganda by the enimies of Truth.

  6. Truth is Bitter says:

    @ Mary….
    (1) If you are saying Quran was copied from Bible, then why can’t I say Bible was copied from Torah !
    (2) If they copied Quran from Bible then Why did they forgot to copy Jesus as son of God ?

    Basically what we need to understand is Message of God is one.
    Be it in form of Torah, Bible, Plasms of David or Quran the doctrine is one, the rules are one, the God is one.

    Quran has testified all former 03 books, but Quran is the final unchanged message of God for mankind.

    Again you have written something nonsense that Quran was written at latter time, if that was true Quran would have many versions like Bible today, your claim is baseless without any proof.

    Torah & Bible were changed timely, So God has revealed Quran with his protection. Therefore you can see Quran is one universally in one original language. whereas Bible has different versions and has lost its original language of revelation i.e Armaic.
    Armaic is parental language of Arabic, In Armaic bible God is mentioned as “EL” which is close to Allah.
    I am not emphasisng to call God as Allah, you can call him with many names but the meaning should not change.
    Muslims and Jews are pure monotheists, christians claims to be monotheist but they are confused in the matter of Trinity.
    Believe in Unity and not in Trinity !!!

  7. First of all ! My compliments to KKKK and Joe for being civil and kind in their words.Kudos! i do like how everyone here
    Loves Allah (God).As- a student I want to point out to christians and muslims here that everyone believend that Jesus pbuh was a prophet until 300 AD ,and THE concilie of Nicea.There was an actual vote to ” make ” Jesus pbuh devine.Why? Because church Wanted to unite europe and gain all THE politica’s power. Google concul of Nicea.a lot of unitarians ( christians who believed God is one and Jesus pbuh is a prohet) were murdered,and prosicuted.So THE church cookies up a story About 3 in 1, most christians considared this an heresy back then.That is THE reason THE jews see christians as idolators….God is 1, Jesus pbuh is Messiah who Will return, that is iT.i suggest everyone starts studying, we have 1 life here,and do not want to end up – not in heaven- because of a HEAR SAY from FOX Tv , family that are cluelessvthemselves etc right?! peace out

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