Cross cultural (culture of) Marriage

Christians Married to Muslims – cross-cultural marriage

Being a Christian married to a Muslim is not always easy. We have compiled some links which we pray will be helpful to you. Cross-cultural marriage is an issue for many. Should you need further help or have other links for this page, please use the Comment box at the bottom. Thank you.

Internet Sites (all links open a new window or tab in your browser)

(Several of these sites make reference to LaM which stands for “Love a Muslim”.)

Cross-cultural marriage Support Group for Christian Women Dating or Married to Muslims – and see the complete listings as well. | – Marriage
– Cross-Cultural Marriage between Muslims and Christians (there are more articles throughout the site, this is only a starting point …) |

I Married a Muslim: Katrina’s Incredible Story – Reported by Julie Blim and Scott Ross, The 700 Club – one of the negative stories on the subject. |

U.S. Department of State: Marriage to Saudis – Offering straight-talking advice to American women contemplating tying the knot with Saudi men. |

Unequally Yoked Resources including links to books, courses and other web sites. |

Married to Muhammad ‘addresses an area of urgent need in the Christian community of the United States!’ |

Won Without A Word – marriage links |

Aglow International ‘has a mandate to reach Muslim women and women married to Muslims’. (I couldn’t see any obvious links on the subject, perhaps use their contact form… Women’s Aglow is well known however.) |

Crescent Project is a wonderful ministry helping Christians learn more about Islam and minister to M people. They also have local Oasis fellowships, sponsored through Crescent Project. It’s a great way to meet with others to pray, encourage and be encouraged in her witness to her husband and his family. (Again, I couldn’t see any obvious links on the subject, perhaps use their contact form…) |

The Vatican’s Erga migrantes caritas Christi (“The Love of Christ Toward Migrants”), an 80-page booklet issued by the Pontifical Council for the Care of Migrants and Itinerant People. “Despite its affectionate title, the document includes a warning against Catholic women marrying Muslim men.” |


There are courses for download . One of them, Al Kitab, was developed by Bible Media. It is a Bible study guide for Muslims in English and Arabic, to explain the true message of the Christian Bible. |

Bible Study Resources for the “‘Unequally Yoked Woman’” |

Caleb Project . They have a new course called “Encountering the World of Islam”. They may know of some resources for Christians married to Muslims. (Over the years Caleb has developed many courses, please feel free to ask them about marriage courses.) |


“Are you the wife of an unsaved husband , or do you have a husband that is not living his faith?” This list is for Bible Believing Christian ladies who would like to give and receive Godly support, friendship, Bible Study, prayers and encouragement….” A Yahoo list. |


Waging Peace on Islam by Christine A Mallouhi
Christine is an Australian Christian married to an Arab Christian whose family are Muslims. She and her husband also lived in Arab countries for many years and have many Muslim friends. The book shows great respect and affection for Muslims. |

All that the Prophets have Spoken is a fresh look at the Word of God, from the perspective of a Muslim reader. (free downloads) |

Miniskirts, Mothers & Muslims (Paperback) by Christine Mallouhi
A startling look at the Muslim world, through the eyes of a western Christian in a Muslim family. For Christians who work with, live with, or minister to Muslims, this book helps explain the world of Muslim women. Topics include: role models, segregation, restrictions, opportunities, family life, and unwritten rules. |

Kitab bookshop in Oldham, UK . You will need to contact them for a book on this topic. “They are Christian & specialise in outreach to Muslims among others”. (I could not find a book list or even a search form, thus try to contact them for suggestions – but they come recommended to me by several people…) |


Here are many resources and courses and even hymns in Arabic … plus information for Muslims, for Christians, free literature etc. |

Need prayer because of your marriage? “God has given our ministry a love for the Muslim people, and we are praying for them. “. |


  1. I am in a relationship with a married muslim man.He has told me that we should not have sex for 6
    months and then he will sen d his people to my people.I am a christian and worried about my future with him.H e has given me 3 conditions 1 is that we have no sexual relationship till we marry ,2 is that I concvert to islam and the third he says he will tell me later. I am currently working for an airline. NEED YOUR HELP

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