I married a Muslim – do I throw my Christianity away?

Everyday I wake up next to the man that I married.  He is a Muslim and I am a follower of Jesus.  When we decided to get married, neither of us was practicing our faiths, so it was an easy decision.  In fact, our faiths looked quite similar in many ways and he had convinced me that they were indeed very similar.

Married – cross-culturally


Married 1 Peter 3:1-2

Even though I knew I had married a Muslim, his decision to start practicing (just one year after getting married) came as a huge surprise to me.  It totally upset the balance that we had as two people, each living out our faiths in a very nominal way.  Along with anger at him for changing (as we all do!!), I also felt a growing resentment towards this religion that was stealing my loving, caring husband and replacing him with someone who was so focused on rules, regulations and merciless rituals.  Our romantic relationship took a serious turn for the worse.

The fact that he keeps the rules affects my life a lot.  For example, if we have to be somewhere at a certain time (especially it is something for me, it seems), he’ll want to wait just a little longer before leaving so that he can get the next prayer in.  During Ramadan it is especially challenging because he will basically not touch me all day – and definitely will not kiss me.  This is hard for me, not because I want to kiss him all day (or maybe I do!  :)), but because I see marriage as an open, living, breathing expression of love and commitment to each other.  Sometimes, physical expression is needed to say what words cannot.  I do think that he errs on the side of caution, especially during Ramadan, in hopes that he will make up for all the other days of the year that he is not following everything to the letter.  I have to rely on God’s grace and wisdom to know how to respond to some of these things that my husband throws at me.

Lately, I’ve been grappling with how I will respond when he wants our daughter to start praying.  This probably won’t happen for a while, but I fear the day that it does.  I try to put things into perspective by weighing what is actually right and wrong.  There is nothing wrong with washing, definitely nothing wrong with praying, or even praying at a certain time (this tradition, I believe, actually came from the Christian church a long, long time ago).  The problem I will have is with our daughter having to state that Mohammed is a prophet and denying the divinity of Jesus.  I keep praying that my husband will come to know Christ before this becomes an issue.

At the same time, there are many things that I can take from Islam and transfer to my own faith.  Their view of God, His omnipotence, His omnipresence, and His sovereignty, is very core to how they see God.  (If we could just throw in the knowledge of God’s love for us all, that would be great!!).  I’ve learned to treat our Scriptures with more reverence.  The goal I strive for is to find a balance between knowing God as a holy, pure and powerful God as well as knowing Him personally, as my Saviour, my friend and the One who loves me more than I could ever imagine!

Ironically, it was this sudden fervour of his that drove me back to my roots – my relationship with Jesus.  Surprisingly, I am actually from a Christian family, grew up attending Sunday School , DVBS, Bible Camp, and even Bible College.  I was a leader in my church and looked up to by many people, as a role model in the faith.   What was the problem?  In one short word … Pride.   I never thought it could happen to me… I was firmly against marrying a non-believer but put in the right circumstances we are capable of anything.

Within a couple months of his awakened faith, I was invited to my friend’s church at Christmas.   I went only because I thought it was the least I could do, being a nominal Christian and all.  God had plans for me though.  I don’t remember what the message was that day, but it made me want to return.  So I did.  The next Sunday, the message was about God’s all-encompassing love and His forgiveness, no matter how deep the sin.  I sat in the front row with my dear friend.  I wept.  God had taken my heart of stone and softened it – miraculously; instantly.  Words really cannot explain what happened in this short moment.

Here I am today, a follower of Jesus.  There are many verses that encourage me, one that I think of almost every day is this one: “Wives, in the same way be submissive to your husbands so that, if any of them do not believe the word, they may be won over without words by the behaviour of their wives, when they see the purity and reverence of your lives.” (1 Peter 3:1-2, NIV).  I am challenged to look at my marriage, not as a mistake, but as a sign of God’s forgiveness, grace and love.

Prayer Requests for (Christian) women married to Muslim men:

  • -    That our love for Jesus would grow daily, through time in  the Word and on our knees.
  • -    That we would be led by Spirit in how we live and share Christ – choosing words carefully.
  • -    That we would be well connected to a church body – and sought to be understood and supported.
  • -    Unity, wisdom and discernment in child-rearing.
  • -    A deep steadfastness in the knowledge of God’s love, knowing that God loves our husbands even more than we do.
  • -    The courage to stand in prayer for our beloved husbands.  God has allowed us to become married (whether by disobedience or subsequent conversion) and will give us what we need to live as an example of Jesus in our homes, so that our beloveds would meet Jesus.
  • -    Pray against fear – the future is unknown and that can be very scary for a woman married to a Muslim – pray for increased faith and trust that He who holds our lives has good plans for them.

Editors Note: we have the offer of a Christian women wanting to help other women married to Muslim men. Feel free to leave comments and questions below in the comment section for now. We can always start a Marriage forum if we get enough replies.

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  1. Emily Elizabeth,

    Let me be blunt. I was Muslim for YEARS. I read & prayed all about it. The men can be charming & quiet. And then, you MARRY. They go “Jekyll and Hyde”. That means you marry a doctor and a beast. I don’t know how old you are, but you should please, please wake up! There will be many other “surprises” in your future, if you marry him.

    • Wow. More stereotypes.

    • Emily Elizabeth
      I agree with Bettina, i am married to a muslim for 25 years and a christian for 15 years.
      and this marriage is very difficult, it doesn’t get easier…. He did destroy my Bible 2 times, and i had to read and pray in secret . Your boyfriend has already lied to you and already telling you you can”t read your Bible, and your not married yet. Don’t be blinded this relationship already has a rocky foundation with lies and deceit and conditions. Let Go!

  2. “Muslim church” Are you making this up as a slur against Muslims?

  3. MEforum? You realize that site is run by Daniel Pipes, one of the most vitrolic anti Muslim bigots in the country who has used racist slurs and supported fascists in the past, right? Not all Muslims are like the government of Saudi Arabia, in fact many of us oppose it. Get a clue.

    • The government of Saudi applies the quran,maybe in a more conservative way than other muslim countries, however they apply whatever is taught in islam.

      • If the Saudi Government applies the Qur’an correctly, then why does it oppress women, not tolerate other faiths, and kill apostates? The Qur’an does not call for any of that. Read Surah Al Nisa, Surah al Kaffirun, and Quran verse 2:256.

  4. So what your’re saying is because those “Muslims” do not follow Islam, Islam is not to blame, right? Therefore it is perfectly acceptable that they remain Muslim, right?

  5. i suggest you read it too. The Ten Commandments say not to worship anyone but God and not to worship any earthly form. Jesus, alayhi’ salaam, lived on Earth. Therefore, we cannot worship him.

  6. Well of course the Bible is corrupted. There is so much violence and abuse in the Old Testament, and the Gospels contradict each other (e.g. did Jesus, alayhi’ salaam defend himself or not when tried by the Pharisees?)

    Do you have any proof that Rasulullah, peace be upon him, swayed from God’s teachings?

  7. So I can stay Muslim and go to heaven, according to Christianity? Sweet!

  8. men of other faiths, so it is permissible.)

    • SKhan, you are trying so hard to defend Islam… But do you know that the god of Islam does not give the absolute guaranty of Heaven for good Muslims? On the other hand the God of the Christians died on the Cross for all men so they have the guaranty of salvation if they accept Him as their Lord and savior. If I was you I would think about it. Any of us can die the next minute… I know where I am going if I died. Thank you Jesus.

  9. You should never have to ask this question. If you guys truly love eachother then make it work.
    I have been married to my man my muslim man for almost 20 years. Its been tough but its been worth it. I love him more now than the day I married him. I have not converted nor have I ever said I would and he has never pressed me to convert.
    His family has met me, and i have been backhome with him to know where he comes from. If he wanted me to convert and insisted he would not be with me, nor would we have j2 children together. Maybe we are the modern family from different cultures and religion, but somehow we make it work.
    Why haven’t you read the Quran yet. I have, and in some ways i know more about his religion than he does. but just because I’ve read it, doesn’t mean I have studied it, nor have I converted. Each religion is flawed. Islam happenes to be a religion of respect and understanding.
    I was raised a catholic and many of my friends have not agreed with my choices, but they are mine.My own family has not embraced my marriage either. Everyone has choices.

    I have made mine.

  10. TOOOOOO funny and you call yourself an Imam. I am married to a muslim man. I have not converted nor have I ever said I would. After 19 years together I have never heard anything funnier than you. hahahaha lol and I think I have hurt you now. Islam is a religion of respect and you are not respecting us.

  11. Hi, the last two comments are truly very positive – however, lets remember that the most crucial thing in our lives is a RELATIONSHIP with the Living God. If we have this relationship, and walk in the Spirit, do let’s not deprive the men we love from the joy of knowing the love of God. So we all need to fix our eyes on eternal things, as well as our earthly love relationships. Indeed, if we have experienced such joy and freedom personally, isn’t it cruel not to share it with those we love? Are we guilty of keeping such liberty and freedom and peace to ourselves?

    This doesn’t mean trying to convert anyone from one religion to another… it’s deeper than that. It’s helping bring our loved ones in line with their eternal destiny.

    What are your thoughts on this? :)

    • relationships only work when 2 people want it too….my 20 year marriage to my muslim man works because we make it work!!!!

      • Dear Ann,

        I absolutely understand your point and it is what my boyfriend is trying to persuade me about, that if we can make it work, then our different faiths will not be a problem. However, I will ask you one simple thing about marriage and forget about other problems. Jesus blessed the wedding, the Church does not recognize the civil marriage and when your marriage is not done in the Church you are supposed to commit adultery in the eyes of God. I am Christian Orthodox and the wedding is a mystery (=sacrament) where the Holy Spirit blesses the couple into the union in front of God. How can this union be blessed if it is not made in the Church, in front of God? My boyfriend wants to marry me, he has proposed to me, but I want my marriage to be blessed, I want my union with a man to be through the Church, through the body of Jesus Christ.
        Let alone other problems such as the raising of children. Do you think you will not be responsible in front of God if you have raised your children as muslims and your children have not accepted the truth in their heart about Christ, the son of God? Of course you will be…
        People make mistakes, me among them. We know exactly what the Word of God is, we know what a sin is, what is good and what is bad, but we are trying to find excuses to ourselves for being disobedient towards God. And if we don’t know exactly what the right thing to do is, we can always consult a priest. The problem is we put our hearts and ours feelings before God and this is a major sin. I have been doing the same for about a year and even though I have tried to escape, I am still trapped in this, using my feelings as an excuse.

        May God show us all the right path.

        • I had written in the past about my story…how I met a wonderful muslim in the UK, fell deeply for him and wanted to marry him… I went back to my country for a year and then I would go back for him. Some weeks before leaving to the UK a girl contacted me that this past year he had a relationship with this guy! I used to skype with him, communicate all the time, every day and night… I never suspended anything. Neither the other girl that was with him every day… He had promised me he would get baptised and have a christian marriage with him, while he also promised marriage to the other girl who is also muslim. I never expected that from him!
          He had managed my absolute trust to him, he never showed any hint of lying, lying comes so naturally for these people….
          I had read countless stories on the internet about muslim men having 2 wifes without telling the other or men who try to marry Europeans just to achieve the visa..I never suspended him! He had answers for everything, he was always teaching me, giving me advice and talking about his morals, lying was so natural to him!
          I thank God, my true Lord, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit that He protected me from doing the biggest mistake of my life. He would marry either me or her just to get the visa or maybe both of us… Who knows…
          Thank you my Christ, Son of the Real God and please forgive me for loving…

  12. I have been married for 25 years to a muslim i became a christian within the marriage..(1 cor: 7:13 is in the context of my marriage) Prior to this i had no knowledge whatsoever of either faiths. As a christian God is very clear that we should not be unequally yoked (2 cor 6:14) and acting in disobedience will only forfeit God’s blessing. My marriage was not in a mosque, after becoming a christian he asked me to marry him there but i refused. This is out of God’s will, Love can be blind and sometimes it’s not easy we do have to sometimes make sacrifices in order to continue on God’s path. I encourage you to read His word it is a lamp unto your path (ps 109:105) and grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour (2 Peter 3:18),
    ask Him (if you havn’t already)for forgiveness for having sex before marriage {1 John 1:9) and after approach his throne boldly and ask for His wisdom in this situation {James 1:5}. He is with you Always,

  13. Ann, Liz, I have questions for my future fellow Christian wives who are married to Muslim husbands. My fiance and I have a great relationship, we can almost talk about anything. When it comes to the topic of religion, he goes on and on about stories that he has memorized as if it is the explanation for everything. Also, it is very typical for muslims around here to get so defensive about everything. and it never leads to arguments, because I DO NOT respond to stories or bad attitudes. but how do you guys talk about faith, without your husband becoming defensive or quoting or retelling stories that I obviously do not believe in? or do you just leave that topic alone? All I try to do is bring up is the topic of raising our kids. (We dont have any yet) I totally believe that neither one of us can stop the other from showing them our separate faiths. Knowing that this will probably lead our children to be agnostic or something completely different how have you all handled this?. Also, he’s a few years younger and comes from a culture where men’s adolescents lasts to their 30′s. Are any other women dealing with this? I have come on here waiting for other women to relate to on these subjects and so I just laid them all out here to see if there is some great advice from these women who have been married 15 to 20 years. GREAT! congrats!

    • Oh, i could write on forever about how wonderfully loving and understanding he is. but its just breaking down those walls that cultures build up around us.

    • Believe it or not…I happen to be 4 years older than my husband. To be married to a muslim man who is younger than myself is way out of the norm in his culture and religion. Amongst his friends the wives are usually the younger.
      And to answer your questions about how to raise the children, I have 2. 2 sons and we both want the best for them. We agreed on only 2. he comes from a huge family of 12 and he saw just how hard it was for his parents to raise them. He discuuses how hard it is to raise a bunch of children with his family who just can’t seem to stop popping children out. I guess my man is just part of the modern muslims. I have had my fare share of meeting muslims who want nothing to do with me because I only have 2 children or I am not a muslim or even if you can believe accuse me of taking their kind of man away from them. hahahahahaha, I just laugh at them. My children have lots of choices…to fast or not…to go to the mosque….to pray….they have the freedom he has…after all he chose to find the person to love than have one chosen for him

      • Hi Ann, I’m older than my husband too. He had already rejected Islam before he met me. He wanted to find God so badly that he studied the Quran extensively – and decided to reject all religions because of it. He has enough information to publish a book on this – but couldn’t be bothered right now. Like your husband, mine has treated me like a queen – and in return, gets treated like a king. The Lord has given me specific scriptures for him, so I too get angry when people throw verses like “do not be unequally yoked with an unbeliever”, as only God knows man’s heart. However, I know that without God’s specific word for my husband, I could not have married him. For the sake of HIS eternal destiny. But we serve an awesome God, who gives His Spirit to lead us – when we are led by God’s Spirit, we are not subject to laws and ordinances – but are totally sold out to His perfect will. :)

    • Laura
      My husband is always quoting the coran and related stories, however i don’t talk about my faith ever mainly because he doesn’t want to hear and as you say becomes defensive. I, to, like yourself have learnt not to respond to stories and bad attitudes, i pray about the bad attitiudes. As for the children, this is a very delicate subject for the muslim, they expect their children to be like them, from the age of 7 years they learn to pray and go to the Corranic school, and some the mosque, this has been my experience, and i live amongst many muslims and they to send there child. I pray for my children a lot and i have experienced much heart wrenching pain concerning my faith. The Lord told me on one occasion concerning my first child ”to let go off her” everything is in “his hand” and His grace will be sufficient for me”. Indeed our children do belong to God anyway everything we have and own is His,
      I did “let go” and “His grace was sufficient” and during that time i experienced a freedom, freedom from fear of the future concerning my kids, knowing all is in God’s hand. He eventually turned everything around for the good. Sometimes The Lord even revealed Himself to my first child through other sources, tv was one, a schoolfriend was another, music was another i also shared ”in secret” when the ”opportunity” came. It doesn’t all depend on me though God is not limited, He’s used other people and that has encouraged me a lot. I believe it is my duty to pray and i do and He Hears and Reacts. After saying all this, i had my first child when i wasn’t a christian within the marriage. You are entering into a marriage and i strongly advise you to find out what your boyfriends feelings are concerning the children before you enter in and if you are planning to marry in the mosque?
      {Please read Helen’s post from Dec 28th}

      • Liz , Precious One,
        I will be praying for you….I pray that Our Lord and Savior would open your eyes to see how He loves you and He is so touch by your sorrow and suffering while keeping faith in Him!
        Your letter touch my heart…..I was please to suffer with you, carrying your burden till the end. May our Heavenly Father hovers His wings of love over you and your familly.
        God bless you

        • Dear all, Faith (religious) is by all means personal. My question is, when a Muslim brother marries a Christian women, Christians do not react/object. But if a Christian brother marries a Muslim women, they immediately react/object, why? Let us not talk about what H.Bible/Quaran say….as long as both Christian/ Muslim women remain faithful to their husbands and their families, their Personal religious faith should not be questioned or offended. Now, raising children- why a Muslim man insist, the children out of his Christian wife should be raised as Muslim? Why can’t he give them the freedom to choose any religious faith of his/her choice or live without any religious faith? For, God has not created any religion, no one has seen God. We humans created all these things to suit our purpose.

          • Has any Muslim husband accepted to baptize his/her children?
            He wouldn’t let me do this and i am scared, about by children’s future.

      • Wow, Liz, it seems as if your are in a muslim culture to have to do things in secret or is this is secret from your husband? I have talked with my husband about our kids and he is quite depressed when I mention about the western culture so influenced by Christianity much more than Islam. He’ll be without his family’s influence or Islamic schools and a few mosque when we raise our children. I feel quite awful to think that this wont be a fair fight and I would feel that if I were to change my desires in raising my children in church. Both of us will be quite heartbroken with our children to be of different faiths. I will raise my children in church every Sunday and he’ll be taking them for prayer every Friday and as long as I stay on the right path myself and be supportive of this, I fully believe that my children will find a relationship with God through the Son. Now, does this go against the verse of wives being submissive to their husbands?

        • Hi Laura,

          A nice scripture is 1 Peter 3:1-4. What do you think?

          Has the Lord given you any specific scripture about your husband, by the way?

  14. I think Helen had said enough on this idea. but i just wanted to also mention that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the light. THROUGH him, may we have a deep relationship with our God, such as in prayer. He was sacrificed so that we all can. My muslim friends say “Why would God allow this to happen?” and I would reply “Exactly, its pretty amazing”

  15. you trust him ? If he is married and has kids, then forget him. he is lying to his wife and to you and in the future he will do more lies. if he does this no wow just wait, you could find out one day he has another lover.

  16. Q, Muslims have a very superficial understanding of sin. God says: “What, then, is the situation? Do we have any advantage? Not at all. We have already accused everyone (both Jews and Greeks) of being under the power of sin, as Scripture says, “Not one person has God’s approval. No one understands. No one searches for God. Everyone has turned away. Together they have become rotten to the core. No one does anything good, not even one person.”
    500 Years before the prophet Isaiah said: The LORD is not too weak to save or his ear too deaf to hear. But your wrongs have separated you from your God, and your sins have made him hide his face so that he doesn’t hear you.
    It is sad that those who reject the sacrifice that Jesus brought remain under His judgement: “They don’t understand how to receive God’s approval. So they try to set up their own way to get it, and they have not accepted God’s way for receiving his approval. Christ is the fulfillment of Moses’ Teachings so that everyone who has faith may receive God’s approval.” Therefor God’s invitation stands: “Moses writes about receiving God’s approval by following his laws. He says, “The person who obeys laws will live because of the laws he obeys.” However, Scripture says about God’s approval which is based on faith, “Don’t ask yourself who will go up to heaven,” (that is, to bring Christ down). “Don’t ask who will go down into the depths,” (that is, to bring Christ back from the dead). However, what else does it say? “This message is near you. It’s in your mouth and in your heart.” This is the message of faith that we spread. If you declare that Jesus is Lord, and believe that God brought him back to life, you will be saved. By believing you receive God’s approval, and by declaring your faith you are saved. Scripture says, “Whoever believes in him will not be ashamed.”
    As you can see, Q, it is not about keeping laws, but puting your trust in what Jesus did for us.

    • That’s beautifully put, Pieter! That’s it, in a nutshell. The focus should be on our eternity with God, something which can’t be earned – a gift we can either accept or reject. We come to God as we are, He does the perfecting and the saving – the only thing we need to do is believe (accept God’s truth). Indeed, Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father but through me”. Those words were what convicted me to turn from dabbling in the New Age religion. So many people think of Jesus as a prophet, as a “good man”, etc. But He claimed to be God (“Before Abraham was, I AM!”).

  17. To Skhan: Hi, how are you? It sounds like you really love and strive hard for God, putting in a lot of effort.

    “God rewards us for making this tremendous effort to worship him.”

    That sums up the difference between the two of us. For us, God does the work, HE has already made the effort, HE has paid the price. All we need is to believe Him and receive salvation and eternal life “For it is by grace that you are saved, through faith… it is the gift of faith, not by works, lest any man should boast.” (Ephesians 2:8-9)

    You see, it’s important for GOD to get the glory. So He has done it all… We simply need to be humble enough to accept. In the Bible, we are told how all our righteous acts are as filthy rags before Almighty God. (Isaiah 64:6) So we can exert as much effort as we like, it will never be good enough. But in His love and mercy, He has made a way for us.

    Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but through me.” (John 14:6).

    When I was in the New Age Movement, I studied many religions… I also explored the idea that Jesus might be just a righteous man. But those words challenged me… I had to make a choice… I pray God will lead you Himself, teach you Himself. You obviously love God, allow Him to do the work within you.

    Take care.

  18. Caring about you... says:

    Please use common sense and wisdom. I realize that after you’ve slept with a man, you lose your perspective and it’s difficult to see him straight. He’s already proved to you that he has no respect for your right to make a decision based on the truth. He has proved to you that he will be dishonest with you and disrespectful of you in very serious areas of life. He has stolen your rights already. Want him to continue this? Years of this will take a toll on you. You need to be more protective of yourself. Remember to have self respect and love yourself enough to tell this guy to move on and leave you alone. Get support from your friends while you still have some. His people will smile in your face, but you’ll know years down the road that you were only an outsider, when it comes down to it. Need me to tell you what will happen if you have children with him and you can’t agree with his religion that tells him he can do all kinds of things you can’t imagine at this point? Learn more about Islam. You’ll be more grateful for Christianity.

  19. I have married a muslim man and am finding him the most selfish, short-tempered, lazy individual I have ever met. Though I love him, he is impossible to live with and quite crazy. As a Christian woman I would love to be free of him now, but it is not possible. How do I live with this creature?

    • Hi, the only thing I can think of is to connect with the Holy Spirit and see where to from here. It’s already done, you’re married and who knows what God’s plan for the future is, but God Himself?

      Two verses spring to mind: 1 Peter 3:1-4 and 1Corinthians 7:13-14. Please read them, I don’t think space allows me to type them here.

      How you handle things now are critical. If you are not in any danger, you indeed have no choice but to stay in the marriage – and the way you conduct yourself will either speak for Christ or against Him.. If there is any abuse, however, you do need to seek help and even leave the marriage (how were you married, what vows did you exchange – if any?).

      The most important thing to remember is your eternal destiny – and His, so a lot of prayer is needed. You need to connect with the Lord and seek His wisdom in this difficult matter. Your husband, whom you love, is also a soul Christ died for.

  20. I would like to add my personal knowledge here. Faith is something deep inside us which can be maintained even if we enter an inter-faith marriage. However, as Christians how do we maintain our loyalty to Christianity if we get married to a Muslim or any other unbeliever? I am Orthodox and if I marry the man I love (he is muslim) I will never be allowed to take the Holy Communion, my marriage will not be blessed in the eyes of Christ and I will be committing adultery for the rest of my life. How can someone be a true Christian if he doesn’t follow the rules of Jesus Christ as we inherited from Him through the Apostoles? All Christians who are in love with unbelievers should be really careful, because in the end it is not only about faith, what matters is if we choose Jesus Christ over a man or a woman….

    • Dear helen so sorry to read of your predicament,i am muslim born in a cristian country england by the way i love the land i was born in !anyway you love a muslim,your afraid to lose your family your religion your idenity, fear not our lord has made provision for you and me.
      marry the muslim and tell him of your rights,if he does not except that you have every right to keep your religion tell him your lord has made provision for you and him,tell your love that his children will be bought up as muslim”inshallah” and that your lord has made provision for you and him.
      So be happy Helen our lord has made provision for you and me !

      • Lord made provision for me with His teachings and the Apostoles’ teachings as well. And I shouldn’t marry an non-believer coz my union with him will not be in God’s eyes. This is what I believe as a Christian. My boyfriend believes that our marriage will be in front of God, he doesn’t want me to convert and he doesn’t mind if our children are raised as christians. However, it’s my personal belief that if I marry him I will disobey to my Lord’s rules and one of them is not to marry non Christians.

        • Helen, i feel for your struggle. I also had to make the decision. Should I marry him or not which was does God prefer? I do believe that God put my fiance in my life for me. I read the Bible for answers and I feel that God strongly encourages us to Love and have a close relationship with him. I have dated Christian men before and relationships i have had with Christians as in friends, family and partners put more strain on my relationship with God than my fiance. And this man I have chosen to marry has only helped me go to God more than ever. I can honestly say that he has made me a better Christian and a person. This is what I want in a relationship and I believe God provided. People have told me before that our marriage wont be in front of God. I think what funny choice of words. Everything is in front of God. He is in everything and as a Christian I believe that God is with us always surrounding us with Love and guidance. I hope you find peace with your difficult decision, keep the word close with you in your time of struggle.

        • Hi dear Helen,

          Helen, if you feel that way, the Lord has convicted you and warned you. This union would have been from the Lord ONLY if you had perfect peace and a specific word from the Lord – and if you had confirmation from other believing friends/family.

          In the absence of that, and in the light of the conviction you have that it would be wrong to marry the man you love, while he remains a Muslim, it would indeed be disobeying the Lord to enter into the marriage covenant with him.

          “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path” (Proverbs 3:5-6)

          I pray for strength and courage for you – and for salvation for the man you love.

  21. Hi,

    My name is Juliana. Im christian dating a turkish muslim guy for like almost 3 years, but 2 years we live separate as Im studing in US and he’s in turkey. We are very madly in love and all this time we are together. My parents and most of friends dont know about this relations as their attitude according to some life experience is very ” bad” to muslims men. We are planning to get married. His parents dont like this idea as they dont believe in our future together. And Im sure that my parents wont like that too. But he doesnt care about somebody’s thoughts even his family’s, he says: its my life, my choice. I wont give up. If they loved me they will accept my choice. We plan to live in Turkey, in any other city from his parents.
    Im a little bit confused now. I understand what Im doing, I know its a huge risk, after reading lots of bad stuff about such experience Im of course afraid but somethings inside of me doesnt want me to give up. This love makes me believe that we will be happy together as we both want it so much. He’s saying that he doesnt care about religion and other stuff, he just wants to be with me forever. Once he said he can even become christian if thats what he has to do to be with me. All these and much more stuff makes me feel really loved and I want it to last forever. But Im very much afraid to be disappointed in the future as the most of…

  22. Juliana, the best way to resolve this, is to take him to meet your family. Don’t stress about how your parents will react. Just visit and enjoy it. Show off your boyfriend. But watch how he reacts to you under this circumstances.
    Go with him to visit his parents. Watch how he behaves towards his sisters and mother. Then you will get a good idea how he will treat you.
    Jesus be with you.

  23. Michele (a pseudonym) says:

    Concerning marriage to a Muslim – I have been married to a Muslim for 34 plus years. I am a Christian – unlike the person who shared her story, I was active in my faith when we married AND my husband made a profession of faith in Christ, then we married.
    Previously, there was an online support group for non-Muslim women in relationship with Muslim men “Loving a Muslim” – I was the first moderator of this group. There is a “secret” group on Facebook for women like us where we still give support to each other.

  24. interesting issue. it is significant challenge to be a Christian when ones married to a non-believer in your faith. it is dameging to your faith to not be on the same footing in the marriage, and oyur children only have one example to led them to Christ. it must be hard for this woman.

  25. Dear Qaala, here is a response. Sorry that it is so lengthy.


    Clearly the the Holy Bible teaches us that there is only one God. Now let’s consider how that agrees with the mention of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit in seven
    places in the Bible.

    “Baptizing them in the name (not names) of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 28:19). It is one name of one God as we have seen.
    Of true believers, who have received Christ in their hearts and thus were born again by a new spiritual birth. Christ said: “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me, and I give them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall anyone snatch them out of My hand. My Father, who has given them to me is greater than all, and no man is able to snatch them out of my Father’s hand. I and My Father are one” (John 10:27-30).
    “Philip said to Him, ‘Lord, show us the Father, and it is sufficient for us.’ Jesus said to him, ‘Have I been with you so long and yet you have not known Me, Philip? … He who has seen Me has seen the Father … I am in the Father, and the Father in Me … the Father who dwells in Me does the works’” (John 14:8-10).
    “But you are not in the flesh but in the Spirit, if indeed the Spirit of Christ dwells in you. Now if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he is…

  26. I would just like to say that as a Christian woman growing up in the Church, and an activie Christian woman, I became a nominal Christian up to the point of meeting my muslim husband. We have been married for 5 years. He use to drink a lot, go clubbing, etc. when I met him. After a year in our marriage, he had gradually changed. Whilst I was what you would call a nominal Christian, my lifestyle was a God-fearing one. He stopped drinking, would make his daily namaaz, fasted during the month of Ramadaan, etc. I found this exemplary and started reading many books including acquiring an English Quran, reading the Hadiths, understanding the 5 Pillars of Islam, etc. He is Turkish and I am South African. We met in South Africa. Last year I decided to give up my executive job and move to Turkey with him. Things have changed. I have given my life to the Lord Jesus Christ in April 2012. I am now at a crossroads. My faith has grown so strong, I am finding my earthly companionship “unequally yoked” even though there is ample justification within both religeons to remain in the marriage. On the Christian side, he is sanctified by me through my faith in Jesus Christ and my salvation. From the side of Islam there is also ample justification for us to remain together. We love each other very much. However, my crossroads is at a point of choosing Jesus Christ over my earthly…

    • Jesus was talking about when 2 unbelievers; 1 get saved and sanctifies the other, not a believer getting married to an unbeliever. 2 Corinthians 6.14. light and DARKNESS HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON

  27. Brother, “What goes into a man’s mouth does not make him ‘unclean,’ but what comes out of his mouth, that is what makes him ‘unclean.’” (Mathew 15:11)-Please read all religious books, study history and then talk.

    May God bless you

  28. ..well said sister.. living with a muslim husband and still live as a good Christian is really challenging.. pray for him.. pray for him.. ur husband will be sanctified thro’ you.. without compromising ur faith, without hurting ur husband becoz he is a muslim, be a good chrisitian wife, I’m sure, he’ll come to Christ.. I swear.. we all pray for u..

  29. I married a man..we never really talked about our faith..his family is baptist. While over seas the first year of our marriage he coverted to Islam. I am stressed and worried how it is going to effect our marriage. Let alone the two young children we are going to raise together. This is my first marriage and I want it to work. I am confused an worried that it won’t because I am Christian and he is now Muslim.

  30. slindile t khoza says:

    I am married to Muslim and I’m a born again christiian and he does not want me to go to church and he is hurting me deeply what to do I’m in trouble

  31. After reading some of these comments, I feel very sad that most of the people commenting do not understand much about “the culture of Islam”. The culture of Islam is slightly different to the practice of Islam.
    I’ve been married to a Muslim man and have lived in Arabia for the past 32 years. By mutual consent, our marriage will cease to be in March 2013. Yes, I know it sounds strange, but we both have been planning our divorce for many months–only waiting to get our lives in order before the final step.
    Our marriage was a disaster from day one, but we continued on out of pride.He didn’t want his family to know they were “right” when they said it would never work, and I was too ashamed to go back home and have everyone pity me. Yes, we plodded on.
    The plodding on damaged our 3 kids and caused us unbearable stress in our everyday lives.
    Muslims have an entirely different view of the world than those of us who were raised in a Christian culture. They are fatalistic, and we are hopeful. They blame everything on the will of God (as an excuse to not do anything) and we blame ourselves for not following the right path.
    I’ve lives around many women who were or are married to Muslims and I can tell you, all of them have problems.
    For me, my husband is a liar, and sees nothing wrong with it. He has no respect for others of other cultures or religions. And he is lazy…

    • I understand your husband has flaw— maybe major flaws but you cannot say that all Muslims are like that. You are correct in saying that some people do not follow what the religion says well enough. They are a bad representation. Just as I cannot meet a mean Christian/ Jew/ Hindu/ etc and say that all of them are like that. I am sure you or anyone else on this blog would like that. And obviously, through history you can see that when people of different religions get married there are problems. Also, if you can say you know many people who are married to Muslims that have problems you can also then say that you know a lot of Muslims who are married to people of different religions — and they ALL have problems. Same thing, open your mind a little please. And again, some people are just not meant for each other. If this marriage was not something you were happy in then I congradulate you for taking the step and making your life better :-)

  32. Islam allows Muslims marry other non Muslim as long as they worship one god but who in todays society does except Muslims, as for those who have married a Muslim man or are wanting to is to not because he either not practicing and dosent mind in but once he does then there will be complications also if you don’t know about the religion before you marry then your going in blind, as for those who are guessing what Islam is go and read the scripture of the Muslims before you speak without knowledge and not search google, as for Jesus peace be upon who was a messenger who used to eat and drink and was circumcised like any other human being, if you think just because he no father and came from a virgin women that he is the son of god then what about Adam peace be upon him no father or mother hmmmm if anyone had the right to name of son of god it would be him christanity Denise use of rational thinking which why atheism cam about because of Christianity so to everyone u have been given a mind use along with your soul !

    • No, Islam only allows Muslim men to marry non-Muslim women but not for Muslim women to marry non-Muslim men- in fact, this basic rule is enshrined in the laws of most Muslim countries!

  33. Why don’t u christian ladies stick to christian guys seeing that you complain about muslim guys being so “bad” – don’t make sense!

    • I fully agree with your post. No point in crying after ending up in situations due to lack of applying God given wisdom at right point of time, especially in marriage. Marriage is a decision to be arrived at after careful consultations with parents and other family members and after much thought and prayer. The so called freedom to decide by teenagers with flexible mind at most unstable period of teenage is the real reason to arrive at wrong decisions and end up life in misery. Christians must understand that no such freedom exists or given to christian man or woman.

      At the same time do consider, we are after all human beings too! We do commit errors.

  34. HI.
    Thanks for your post. I am in exactly the same position as you, my husband is a devoted muslim. But my sistuation is much worse than yours though. I don’t want to go into much detail but yes, its difficult and I always feel like I’m the only one going through this spiritual battles which which causes marital tension.
    Anyway I hope all goes well and that you get wisdom because I don’t have any for my own sistuation even.
    Just remember , Joy comes in the morning.

  35. Why don’t you get divorced if you’ve lost trust in your husband or are unfairly treated by him or his family?
    Is it because Christianity doesn’t permit divorce even in the 21st century? or that Jesus sees marrying a divorcee akin to adultery?

  36. Actually, we are not to be unequally yoked. Paul explained clearly to us that we are not to marry anyone outside of our faith. When we let our hearts get involved in a relationship and forget about what God commands us to do, we can easily get distracted and disobey Him. I am not suggesting a divorce but there are many problems in marrying someone outside the faith. Perhaps you can lead him to saving faith in Christ our Lord. Pray for him and ask God to draw him away from islam.
    May God bless you and your family.

  37. jesus is god

    • Amen Nora. Let’s all learn a few things before we start to criticise others.

      Whether we talk to the Father, the Son or the Holy Spirit, we have the freedom to talk to God because of what Jesus did on the cross. All those who believe in Him have been set free.

      Thank God we are no longer bound by rules and rituals.

      God has given everyone a choice. How else will God know if we truly love Him unless He allows us to decide for ourselves?

      So if you truly love God, and want to follow Him with all your heart, all He requires is that you accept His son, who He loves so dearly.
      Through Jesus Christ, there is forgiveness of sins, there is a path to righteousness and a chance to be reconciled to the Father. He sacrificed His own life so that we could have a personal relationship with the Father.

      If you do not know Jesus Christ you cannot know who the Father truly is. [Edited for brevity, Admin.]

  38. I am a christian girl from Lebanon, and I’ve been dating a Muslim guy for 10 months, he is perfect and we really love each other, we always talk about the future and of civil marriage but we live in Lebanon and to my parents that’s kinda impossible … neither him or his family has a problem with the children’s thought of being Christians, but my family isn’t accepting the fact that he’s Muslim and the only hope for us lies in his conversion to a christian, and even then I will face problems but problems that can be solved, I don’t know if I have the right to ask him to become a christian, but I really do love him … What should I do? Do I listen to my parents or to my heart? [Shortened for brevity, Admin]

    • My husband is from Lebanon , and yes I’m telling you straight now if your faith is veryyyyy strong in Jesus then you will either walk away from him or either marry him and suffer with him. You really need to wake up form this love buzz you are in and have a serious chat with your man and see whats what, because it won’t work for you, and also in the first place you are not to marry an unbeliever, so that you will have peace between you and your husband, not war between you and an unbeliever.

  39. Brittany W. says:

    There seem to be some misconceptions as to who Jesus is. Islam is not the “only religion that prays to one God” as someone else commented. I am a Christian and I pray to one God; the maker of the heaven and earth. The difference is I just so happen to know his name is Jesus. [Edited for brevity. Admin.]

    • Hello
      Its so true what the bible says ” what do light and dark have in common?” I have no doubts that i should leave my husband. Im in a worse situation than you, i actually accepted islam because it was either that or no marrriage. I regret that i accepted islam without careful consideration. To make matters worse i have a child now. I really think you should leave your husband too and seek God with all your heart as I am. He has plans of hope and a future for us. Not this.

      I hope this post was helpful

      • When we become christian we are to have are minds renewed by the living word of God so we may know the truth and the truth will set us free

  40. Amazing story! God opened your eyes to see the truth! Congratulations! And praise to the Lord!! May be your advice will help many woman in similar situation to take the right decision.

  41. You have a lot more to worry about in this marriage than work, are you willing to give up Jesus for your husband? … tell him, “No, I am staying with Jesus.” If he still will marry you then you need to seriously talk because kids will be involved … he will want them Muslim and if you are serious about Jesus, you will want them to be Christian. If back then I had been wiser then I would not have married a Muslim! God bless. Life is hard but it is worth it to suffer for Jesus, he is the only way.

  42. surah 19.19 Arabic Jesus without sin word for faultless – zakiyya – implies he was faultless, without sin. It was Issac sacrificed (not Ishmael, since Issac was Abraham’s promised son and Abraham never sacrificed Issac because the ram was provided, as a picture of Christ. [Edited for brevity, Admin]

  43. My current boyfriend is muslim. Do I have to leave him or to continue our relationship? We love each other but after reading all comments, I become afrait of my future. According to you all, is it better for me leave him or to keep our relationship? I know he doesn’t want to follow my religion (I’m a strong christian girl), but I pray always to God that He will change his mind and heart. I need advice please.

    • Jesus tells us no…show your love of jesus thats all ,jesus said by your love they will know that your mine..

    • as a christian you cannot be unequally yoked together with a non believer of the lord jesus christ the messiah 2 corinthians 6.14 since marriage is a yoke 2 people in a harness to be yoked with a bull and lamb it wouldent work would it ephesians 5.22 says wife to be in submission to the husband that means you submitting to islam or allia the moon god which is false god not GOD of the bible Elohim can light and darkness dwell together ! Amos 3:3 [Edited for brevity, Admin]

      • thats true, as myself i married a muslim , i grew up catholic but was never truly saved i only was born again about yr and half ago by dreams from jesus, he brought me to christianity , i was heading to islam when one day i was very hungry for god that was because jesus was pulling my heart to him, but then by dreams he pulled me to him made me see islam was the wrong way i was meant to come to him, then when i told my husband im christian all hell broke looses between us, but as i was praying to god if i should leave him, god in a dream blessed me in a smily voice and showed me the ten commandments and the black figure that was also in my dream pointed to love thy neighbour so god weather your married to an unbeliever or not god wants us to love them because god is love , god loved us so we should love others, we wer eno better then those who are not saved, it was just because god had called us to the light so the rest are still in the dark we have to understand that, but yes dark and light wont work, but god gave me strenght to put up with his name calling and moods so on as christians we have to suffer for the lord, so if you are a christian then for defo never marry an unbeliever but if you already with an unbeliever and you got saved then stay with them, god hates divorce , yes we might suffer but jesus did tell us to pick up your cross and follow him or else your not worthy of him, i have three kids and teach them about jesus all the time, my husband knows some parts and went mad one day when my daughter told him she is christian but god is making them strong but thanks be to jesus all things are quiet now for a while after a long yr or moods and aruguments lol god is good he he gives us peace, but in time i will suffer more because of my kids, my husband has accepted my faith now but the kids is the next deal which will not be easy at all, because i have a son who is three and ill also be teaching him about jesus, and we know how muslims are with boys, god bless

        • you could be in danger there in islam women are treated bad so i pray for miracle GOD would show the man a vision twice showing jesus is the way truth and life as the only way of salvation

  44. john 10.30 i and the farther are one john 17.21 jesus and the farther are one if you worship jesus you worship the farther genesis 1.26 says GOD made man in our image there was more than one part of the GOD head luke 4 8 says you shall worship the lord your god and serve him only then in verse 12 you shall not put the lord you GOD to the test who was satan tempting jesus the mighty risen shepherd first born from the dead john 17.5 now glorify me together with thyself farther with the glory which i had with thee before the world was john18.6 I AM HE GOD always refer d to himself as the great I AM

  45. Dear Bettina,
    Mohammad (pbuh) married the girl whom he converted to Islam. He not had a bad intention of 11 wives but to spread more and more Islam through them to their tribes.

  46. Someone mentioned in this post that Jesus is god,
    Let me get this straight If Jesus is god then how is he the son of god?
    If he is the son of god then why would a father sacrifice his son for others isn’t that selfish. Would you sacrifice your son for others?
    If he isnt god then does god love his son?
    If he loves him why sacrifice him?
    Obviously if this is the case then he don’t love his son enough as he let him die. … Christianity is confusing, maybe that’s why it has ceased to grow like it did because people are now encouraged to question things. [Edited for brevity, Admin]

    • You have got to know your bible to find out why GOD did this redemption plan. It starts with the ten commandments … ever broke any? Yes! Everyone has. To deny you haven’t sinned makes you a liar and self righteous … sorry for being blunt. There is no other way. God sent a great gift for you to keep you out of hell. Col. 2.9 / John 20.28. JOHN 3.16 [Edited for brevity, Admin.]

  47. Sister. ur husband is making a huge mistake by getting married to u. He knows there is no marriage with other than muslim-muslim. No muslim man or women can marry a christian or other. [Edited for brevity, Admin.]

  48. Barbara Waldorf says:

    God sent his son Jesus to be the sacrifice to end all sacrifices, and to take all of our sins to hell. Being God incarnate, God in the flesh, Jesus rises from the dead. He shows us he is alive, and ascends to heaven to be with his Father. Only Jesus could withstand the death that was put on him, and He knows the end result. We have a Messiah.
    Ask yourself, did Mohammad die for you, can he forgive you sins, what can he do for you? Christians are also called by God, not forced to believe.

    • Jesus died for us? To take all of our sins?
      Now you’re really confusing me and maybe you’re confused yourself,

      (Deuteronomy 24:16) – “Fathers shall not be put to death for their sons, nor shall sons be put to death for their fathers; everyone shall be put to death for his own sin.”
      (Ezekiel 18:20) – “The person who sins will die. The son will not bear the punishment for the father’s iniquity, nor will the father bear the punishment for the son’s iniquity; the righteousness of the righteous will be upon himself, and the wickedness of the wicked will be upon himself.”

      Explain these two verses?

      • hi Barbara. looks like you’re quoting from the law which Jesus fulfilled in his body. now a man is righteous through faith in Jesus because he is sinless and that GOD sees great victory in slain lamb or ram Rev 5.6 & Rev 19 Jesus is faithful and true and king of kings. i don’t think sinful Mohammed could compare or deliver anyone i believe he,s buried round were they worship the black meteor in mecca

  49. this is for curious … statements of jesus claiming to be the son of God … yes it is confusing to you but my dear, I was like you. Blinded we can’t understand God until you first have God, when you repent and believe then God fills you up with all knowledge on his word he opens the door and come’s in you … Luke 1:35, John 1:49, etc. … next point Matthew 8:29 even the devils knew jesus is the son they cried out SON OF GOD LEAVE US ALONE have you come here to torment us before the time?… many more examples. [Edited for brevity, Admin.]

  50. I could have written this essay. It very much parallel’s my experience with my husband. We’ve been married for 7 years now. He didn’t become religious until after our child was born. He is a completely different person now. I wouldn’t mind the change so much, if it had made him a more loving husband. It did not. There is a huge rift in our marriage now. I have been searching for people in a similar situation for 2 years. Was a forum for Christian women married to Muslim men ever established? I would like to participate.

  51. Hello All. To all my single brothers and sisters. I’ve been married to my hindu huband for 15 years and know the loneliness and insecurity of being unequally yoked. Fortunately he does allow me to go to church but walking alone weekly and then yearly alone into church does take its toll while everyone is with their families! My three boys are also now ‘ paying the price’ Seek the Lord FIRST.

    • Do not worry there are many couples in the world having these problems. I am having this because my man is a muslim and very faithful one. He is obsessed. =(
      I did not know that there are hindus who get strongly yoked to their religion however. Do they believe to the solidarity of God. The the god is one and only? do they believe to Jesus at all? You know better.

  52. Good read. However you must see Islam and Christianity are very close. Jesus is our prophet not God. How can you claim he’s god when he himself prayed.

  53. Thank you so much for writing this! I almost broke down when reading this article. God’s infinite love and forgiveness is overwhelming. I have been in a relationship with a Muslim man for four years, and I needed this. Be blessed dear.

  54. GOD name in gensis is ELOHEEM it meens all powerful god but describes a diety that means love exists as you carnt love on own
    his name also means fatrher he has adoped those who are his children through faith in the son who was there before the foundations of the earth and all things were created by him and all thins hold together by his powerful word these names dont exist in islam s allah

  55. I met this guy 7 years ago. We lived indifferent country’s because he was studying and later army duty’s. I visited his country we got married in this religious marriage.I was told this is marriage is ok until another marriage arranged.He came visited me and we had a son, he went back to his country, because i could not live there , we did not have money for a home and things..then he came again we made 2nd child.I would of went to his country and married officially, but he left me with my son and i am pregnant now with his 2nd child. he said he can sms and say we divorced.In my religion Christian we never do something like that, i was going to be a muslim, he showed me lots things about Islam. Now i want to know, does a muslim man make children and make love and think, when it’s ok, he can leave and dump his children and not care or want see them anymore, because he wants this new life having fun with friends.. Now he ignores me and his children. How does a good muslim guy do this, he thinks he cna pray 5 times a day, he will be forgiven and go to heaven, Where doe sthsi say in Quaran, a guy can do this and move on and marry and dump the wife and children and do as he please. How does Allah forgive him, This muslim thinks, Allah will forgive as long he prays..Wel li am Christian and i feel i did a big sin and trusted thsi guy about marriage and we have a life, after being 7 years with him. we got married with this religious marriage now 3 years. I feel he lie about religious marriage and how do i answer to God one day, what i did, trusting this guys religion, i am so in depression because i always wanted to be a good girl and lead my life good way in religion..How do Muslims work and believe, i have a Quaran, but i have lost so much faith now in Islam after what guys do in muslim religion, i am sad after all this, i thought Islam is ok religion, but now my mind has changed and i fee really upset all this man did and religion

  56. Hi, Just discovered this forum from googling several searches. I am a Christian girl who was dating an amazing Muslim guy for a year. He is from both Christian and Muslim background, dad muslim, mom christian. I recently broke up with him after understanding the unequally yoked scripture. However I really love this guy and im constantly praying that he gives his life to Jesus so I can marry him. Has anyone got any similar experiences? Please share to build my faith.

  57. if a guy is a muslim, i can assure you, they never give up their religion, i learned this through a hard way, i was seven years with a guy, suddenly his parents decided a christian girl was not welcomed in the family, so he left me with our 2 children, so it’s hard, i wish you well..i know how you feel,breaks ones heart..

  58. The lord says not to be unequally yoked. Most Christians don’t spend time in the word so they don’t know, but even two believing Christians married can split and turn against each other. “Men are born to trouble but we shall see the goodness of the lord in the land of the living” and the lord always leads me in triumph victory despite my circumstances. Jesus said we shall also suffer for him because we are sons or daughters of the most high GOD. Jesus has won the victory for us amen

  59. since islamic god isnt the same as christian the lord says do not be unequily yoked to gether to an un beliver

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