10 Tips for Sharing with Muslims


We demonstrate God’s great love for Muslims by our manner of communicating, by our friendship and our shared love. We are not called to argue against Islam, but to make every effort to make Jesus known!

1. Focus on areas of agreement.

In your contacts with Muslims it is useful to be in agreement as much as possible with Muslims about our common beliefs. We all believe that there is one God, the God of Abraham. In Arabic the word used for God is “Allah” (Christian Arabs also use this word for God). Muslims believe that God made the world, that He knows all things, that He is all wise and very powerful. They believe in angels and in prophets such as Abraham, Moses, David, Noah and Jesus. They believe in the last judgment. In a general sense we can agree on these points, and use these to build trust and understanding. Muslims can often feel rejected by Westerners. Affirming our common beliefs enables them listen to us with greater understanding and openness, and enables us to understand and appreciate them more.

2. Talk about Jesus.

Focus on Jesus. Jesus IS the good news. Focus on the hope you have found in Jesus and how you have found “peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ” (Romans 5:1)

3. Use stories.

It is important to tell the stories about the life of Jesus and other men and women mentioned in the Bible. Muslims often use stories in speaking about their own faith. Most Muslims have never had an opportunity to read the Scriptures (many have never fully read their own book, the Qur’an). Learn to use parables, stories and examples from daily life to share your message. In this way your Muslim friends will also retain your words better. It is important to understand their culture, their way of thinking and their historic and religious background. Learning some of their language could be very useful as well.

4. Build Friendships.

Do not be afraid to visit them in their homes and invite them to your own home. If you invite them for a meal buy your meat in a Muslim butcher shop or serve fish.

5. Don’t Argue.

You have little chance of convincing Muslims by reasoned argument. Western logic does not carry the same weight with Muslims and may not even be understood by them. Love your Muslims friends and avoid getting into discussions which push them to defend Islam.

6. Get a Qur’an.

You may read it, but do not necessarily use this as the unique basis of witness. Muslims need to meet the Jesus who is revealed in the Bible. If you read the Qur’an or visit a mosque, pray that God would show you His love for them, and give you understanding (Ephesians 6:10-18).

7. Respect their Culture and Values.

Show great care to respect their culture, values and feelings. Remember how you felt before you became a Jesus follower, and show them the love and understanding that you would also want from those of other faiths.

8. Avoid taking them to church.

Christian culture and Church programs are quite a shock to many Muslims (or any non-Christian) and can often lead misunderstanding. For this reason, it is often best to include a Muslim who is seeking Jesus in small groups, Bible studies or house churches, rather than taking them to a traditional church. Further, many Christians have not learned how to show respect to those of other faiths, so avoiding situations that can hurt the feelings of your Muslim friend is wise.

If your Muslim friend insists on coming to church with you, you should to explain to them what will happen and the meaning behind the songs, events and programs.

9. Allow God to work in their lives.

When speaking to Muslims they will probably raise objections that our faith in the Messiah is unacceptable for them. Believers need to know about these objections and not respond with arguments or defensiveness.

In fact, we often need to step back and allow God to reveal Jesus in His own way. If we trust that God is working in their lives, we need to know the limits we have, and allow God to do His part.

10. Beware of Sensitive Issues.

Avoid argument on minor issues or things that can hurt friendship. Eventually, you may speak of these things together, but allow your friendship and trust before you discuss hard issues. Here are a few issues to avoid:

1. Do not attack the person or teachings of Mohammed. You do not have to agree with one’s faith to show respect.

2. Do not criticise the Qur’an (Koran).

3. Avoid politically-sensitive subjects.

4. Do not try to convince them that Jesus is the Son of God. A Muslim will not understand or accept this affirmation. Later, when he has read the Bible or the gospels, you can give him the necessary explanations.

5. Do not enter into discussions about pork and wine. We, as Christians, are sent to proclaim Jesus. Not dietary restrictions.


  1. Christians, Jews and many other scholars and layman have challenged the teachers of the Qur’an for many centuries. The most learned of the non-Muslims were humbled and defeated, even converting to Islam when met by the greatest interpreters of the Qur’an and Sunnah (lifestyle of the Prophet), who were the Prophet’s own progeny. Yet, these descendants would use the Old Testament and the New Testament to dispel the arguments of their opposing counterparts instead of the Qur’an. Indeed many Christians and Jews were amazed that these descendants of the Most Noble Prophet knew the Bible, Torah and Pslams better than themselves. These religious leaders were the most humble, self sacrificing and the most true of all Muslims.

    One of the most famous debates took place between Imam Musa al-Rida (as) and other religious scholars. The Shia sect of Muslims hold these descendants of the Prophet in the highest regard and even their enemies agreed, there were no better men or women of virtue than them.

    One of the most famous stories of the Qur’an and one which many Christians either do not know or remain silent about is when some of the highest Christian priests at the time, challenged Prophet Muhammad (saw) in debate for several days. Unable to defeat him in debate and unwilling to admit they were proven wrong, they engaged the Prophet in a mutual dual of invoking their belief in God to lift mercy from the other. The time was set for the next day. When the Christians saw the Holy personalities that the Prophet brought with him: his daughter Fatima (as), his son-in-law Ali (as) and his grandsons Hasan (as) and Hussain (as), the Christian priests cried out saying, “By God! These are faces if turned upwards would bring down mountains!” They ran to ask for a halt to the event, falling over themselves in recognition that the Prophet and his family were indeed of great piety and virtue with a close connection to God.

    Deuteronomy 18:18 claims that a Prophet resembling…

    • Deuteronomy 18:18 claims that a Prophet resembling Abraham (as) will come to bring the final word of God. Jesus (as) was not married or had children. But the Most Noble Prophet did. In fact Jesus (as) says in the Bible that a great prophet will follow him and his name is Ahmad, which is another name for Muhammad (saw). Indeed, the bible tells of the forthcoming of the Last Prophet of God over and over again. In fact, Jesus (as) testifies to this over and over again.

      The current translations that Christians use to say that Christ is a part of God by self proclamation in the Bible has proven to be misinterpreted, factually incorrect, mistranslated and even dispelled since most biblical scholars agree that this version is full or errors. King James is rife with errors and most Biblical historians concede some parts of it are essentially lies because the translation is very weak. In earlier texts, Jesus (as) says several times when people call him God, “who are you calling me?”

      The surfacing of other gospels which are carbon dated to the same era as the Biblical Gospels include the lost Gospel of Mary, Peter, Judas and Thomas, which were blacklisted by the early church for political reasons. In act the first Gnostics of the Christians were murdered by the Church as it decided what man wanted included and omitted from the Bible. It is believed that there are many lost Gospels due to this reason. The four that have been found and proven to be of the early era as the other Gospels prove that the Bible has many faces to it in relating the story of Christ and His disciples. At best, the current Bible is an incomplete, error prone and as produced by committee of exclusion to political and social whims of the Church. The fact that over the ensuing centuries is has been further butchered lays truth to the claim that what God said of the Bible it true, it has been tampered with by man in which lies are attributed to Him.

      There is a story of a Muslim in Norway who…

      • There is a story of a Muslim in Norway who accepted Christianity when life became difficult for him. This website encourages to find these people in weak times and convert them. How sad it is that you openly prey on the down trodden as a means of conversion. Anyways, this youth from Norway ends up back at a mosque after a few years hitting his head repeatedly while shouting “I have sold my faith for this world!”

        Let me close by saying this: I know of Christians that when they are exposed to true Islam, they are amazed by it. I know of Christians who hear a verse from the Qur’an and begin to cry proclaiming it’s beauty. I tell them narrations and they are speechless and express their awe. They try to lie to themselves that they can never be Muslim because of what society tells them. They read the Bible and wonder why Christ questions God if he is His son. “How,” they ask, “am I to understand God if Jesus (as) is supposed to be a part of God and yet, questions Him and thus, his own self?” They turn to their faith with questions and close their eyes, trying to drown out “the why” and rely solely on a faith that is constantly teetering.

        Islam is the answer they seek.

      • It is not possible for people of other faiths to fully understand the bible otherwise they would have been a Christian. Only the Spirit of God will reveal to those that belongs to Him. So, I would like to say that there are a lot of guess works form Xavier who claim to be a former Christian. Its also not right for me to say negative things about Koran as God has given everyone the right to choose. We Christian loves Muslim people.

  2. Watch your words and apologize, If some idiots call themselves Christians and do certain acts that offended you, then you should confront with the impostor, But never never offend Christians or followers of other faiths. We real Christians believe good tree can be known by its fruit, As I christian I will not attack your religion even you are attacking mine and Others. I don’t know your religion, however if you attack others faith, people will perceive your religion is encouraging you attack to other people. Therefore keep your hatred to yourself or else you will help more people to hate your religion.

  3. Nobel Spirit,
    You speak with such clarity. I pray that the Almighty will forgive my Muslim brothers, sisters and I if we have offended you, but in our defence particularly post 9/11, the world attacks us at every opportunity, so we defend. In their attacks they make the arrogant assumption that we are heathens and know nothing (this website rates very highly amongst this sort of thinking); many of us know so much about Christianity yet all too often we find how little is known about Islam (again this website being indicative of such ignorance).

    We find it hard to differentiate between the different Christian denominations because of our fundamental belief in Oneness (oneness of a Creator oneness of belief, oneness in the brother[sister]hood of prophets, of which Isa/Jesus (AS) is highly regarded). You are absolutely right that we should not attack because Allah commands this of us in Surah Kaafirun (which is really a guide for how Muslims should conduct ourselves when dealing with those who dont believe as we do) I forget the verse but Allah also condemns anyone who brings His glorious name into disrepute. Don’t get me wrong there are different schools of thought, but never to a point where we can say that because s/he adheres to the teachings of a different school they are not Muslim.

    I wish you peace and blessings from the Almighty.

  4. It may be okay to invite some Muslims to church but we never have. We have found that the men are shocked by the lack of respectful clothing the young girls often wear. I would think very seriously before I would invite any Muslim to church, in many cases; wearing shoes, laying Bibles on the floor and marking in them…we seem to treat God and worship very lightly.

    • I seldom reply to comments here but I must say, this is a point I truly wish we as “church” would look at more closely. If you look at the clothes the women will wear at the Olympics it is easy to understand why fundamentalists (in any religion) start to question respect of God in all our societies …

  5. We regularly visit a heavy Muslim area in the UK, heralding the gospel of Christ, and have never encounter any major hostility. Its about being confident in what you believe in and who you are in Christ. Going out as a loving church. Speaks more than trying to put anyone “right”.

  6. It’s so sad to see God’s creation defending and attacking one another trying to proof themselves right. Whom are we trying to prove? Ourselves, our religion or to our God. What would God hope for? Yes, a relationship with HIM. When you already know HIM, you also know your neighbour.

    Muslims and Christian alike wants to share who their wonderful God is. Who is listening? Are you so keen to put your message across and not respect others or not even bothering to know one’s culture? Are you so keen on conversion or just sharing the truth?

    I thank the author for writing this article on how to avoid but apparently the devil (syaitan) is having a party here in the commentary.

  7. Wonderful site. Lots of useful information here.
    I am sending it to a few buddies ans additionally sharing in delicious.
    And certainly, thanks for your effort!

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