When witnessing to Muslims…

Contrary to what is often thought, it is possible to lead Muslims to Christ. Christian witness to Muslims needs to take into account the context of Muslim culture and religion. In that sense our witness to Muslims will be different from that to other people. The message is the same, the means of proclaiming it is different.

Witnessing General Principles

1. Prayer.

Pray for Muslim friends and acquaintances. We cannot emphasise enough our total dependence on the intervention of the Holy Spirit.

2. Have a specific goal.

God wants to use us to make Jesus Christ known to Muslims through the gospel. Our goal should be to make the message understandable and accessible to our Muslim friends.

3. Be open to personal and human contact.

We must love Muslims sincerely, manifesting our love through kindness and respect in our relationship with them. Our goal should be to establish a genuine friendship and share our faith in that context. As with all true friendships we need to take time to understand, appreciate and help our Muslim friends.

4. Be patient.

While we can speak freely of our faith from the beginning of our relationship with a Muslim, we should keep in mind that most Muslims will need to hear us many times before they even begin to consider believing in Christ. Do not be discouraged by objections.

5. Explain the gospel in a very simple manner.

Use words and terms which will be understandable to Muslims. Explain the Christian meaning of terms such as sin, prayer, God, Son of God and faith. These often convey another meaning for Muslims.

6. Give your friend a New Testament or a Bible.

Reading these books give Muslims new perspectives on Christianity. Encourage a regular reading of the Gospels in particular.

7. Emphasise God’s perfect holiness.

God calls for righteousness. Man is generally unrighteous and in slavery to sinful attitudes. Neither education nor moral teaching can change this situation. Man needs to have a new birth.

8. Speak of God’s interventions in our own lives.

Tell of His faithfulness, His love, His justice. Muslims do not understand God as one who gives and keeps promises. Your testimony of a real and active faith is very important.

9. Answer objections with kindness.

Do not let yourself be carried away into passionate discussions.

10. Do not be naïve if our Muslim friends express a belief in Jesus Christ and the Bible.

In one sense Muslims do believe in Jesus and the Bible; however, their faith is very different from what the Bible teaches us. They do not believe that it is possible to be in a real relationship with God as we believe. Jesus said that eternal life is to know God (John 17:3). It is not just knowing certain things about God, but to know Him personally.

11. Introduce Muslims seeking the Messiah to a community of believers

Muslims will sometimes be more interested in seeing our believing communities than hearing our best words about the Saviour. As they see our communities may God help us to be the weak and helpless ones who are strong in Him. We all need others. Loving others is right. (1 John 3:14-15) Muslims who coming to faith in the Messiah need others.

12. Depend on God, who is truth, to anchor people in reality

Sometimes we all have been or are deceived. We need clarification and liberation. Only God can give us and Muslims real eyes to see and ears to hear.

Respect, Kindness, Gentleness

These qualities are essential to reach Muslims with the message of the Messiah.

Caring, genuine hospitality may have more to do with helping a Muslim discover the Messiah than many logical proofs and arguments.

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  1. Respected Incharge,

    Our National Language is Urdu and some other Provinces Languages. I do enyone Translation work in Low and proper rates in Urdu, Punjabi , Sindhi and Saraikie.I am also able to do Recording work.
    I see on your site that you have working on different Languages in different countries.

  2. @Nazia Nazeer, please visit http://www.spiritlessons.com, it’s about actual stories of actual people who visited heaven and hell! You’d really enjoy reading them!
    Translations of different languages are available at the bottom of the page.

  3. God does not need to have children and He certainly does not! It is his creatures that need to multiply and have offspring! Jesus (PBUH) is the WORD of God, His miracle and Prophet! He will dissociate himself from all of you people who keep insisting that he is the “son of God” on the Day of Judgement! And now, that you read this message you will be held accountable for not listening to it and not believing in the Only One True God, who does not beget nor is He begotten! He is unique and Self Sufficient, He does need any of His creation! Please open up you minds! The Truth is simple and straight forward! There is nothing complicated in it, nothing illogical, nothing strange! that is why it is The Truth!

    Ya Rabb please guide those people who are good and truly seek the truth about You over here to the religion of Jesus (PBUH) And the ones who are lying about it intentionally over here and want to mislead others – bestow Your Justice towards them! AMEEN YA RABB!

  4. Why do you find the muslims love and repect for jesus and his great mother and her wonderfull mother the wife of a prophet and for zhacaria and his wonderfall son john”yahya” so difficult islam has taught us many things the most important being that we are tribes and nations and must learn to live with one another so relax and live your life and be good cos santa clause is whatchin haha ! peace

  5. Justice Cee says:

    You messed up on number 10 when you said we don’t have a relationship with God. Yes we do, which is why in Islam, there is no mediator between man and God. I suggest you research more and of your own faith. As for salvation, God doesn’t unjustly punish an innocent to save the guilty. He doesn’t need blood to forgive. God doesn’t need us, we need him.

  6. @ Justice Cee…We, as Christians, wholeheartedly agree–God doesn’t need us, we need Him! But He invites us into His great plan and purpose, does He not? Did He not invite Moses to return to Egypt to rescue the Jewish people? Wasn’t Moses also born an ordinary son of a slave? Yet God set him apart and did wondrous things with his life to mark generations. So are we ordinary, but He desires to set us apart! … Please correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t many Muslims still practice the sacrifice of lambs because God required the sacrifice of your firstborn to prove your devotion, and accepted a lamb instead? Then, maybe we can both also grasp that the Love and Mercy of God is so great that He displayed that type of love for us–not out of need or weakness of any sort, but perhaps just to demonstrate to us what true and perfect love really is, because His love is perfect–He is perfect! How can He expect for us to be capable of a greater love than His? But if Abraham was willing–then you know God is certainly capable of an even more extravagant love! … John 15:5 … [Edited for brevity, Admin]

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