The Izhār ul-Haqq


Answering Izhār ul-Haqq and Muslim accusations against the Bible

The Izhār ul-Haqq is a Muslim book which discourages and weakens the faith of many Christians living in Muslim countries, especially those from a Muslim background. The book ridicules the confidence that Christians place in the Bible and directs Muslims away from the Bible by declaring the Bible utterly corrupt. Meanwhile, the book presents the Qur’an as completely free from any defect.

The contents of Izhār ul-Haqq, written originally in Arabic, came out of a live debate with a German missionary over 150 years ago. Muslim debaters and teachers made use of 19th-century Higher Criticism of the Bible written in Europe in an effort to back up traditional Muslim accusations that the Bible is corrupt and falsified.

Wide Distribution

The Izhār ul-Haqq is still considered by many Muslims so effective that it continues to be printed with its original content and is distributed widely by extensive networks of orthodox Muslim leaders. Moreover, arguments from the book are used by almost all major Muslim debaters and teachers in the world, including Shabir Ali, Jamal Badawi, and Zakir Naik. These arguments are in turn broadcasted by 24-hour satellite TV channels to viewers all over Asia. Yet surprisingly, no book-length answer to the full range of accusations in Izhār ul-Haqq has been written to encourage Christians and challenge Muslims.

Respectful Response

There is a great need for an answer that is respectful toward Muslims, responds to the questions Muslims ask about the Bible, and brings in the latest scholarly research on the Qur’an. The New Testament manuscripts, for example, are on a much stronger footing than the manuscripts of the Qur’an. Recent decades have seen the appearance of a great deal of helpful scholarly literature which asks questions of the Qur’an as difficult as—or in many cases more difficult than—the questions scholars ask of the Bible.

Some believers are now working to produce a book-length answer to the Izhār ul-Haqq. The objectives of the project are not only to defend the Word of God from false accusation, but also to encourage Muslims to actually read the Bible itself instead of merely falsely accusing and dismissing it.

Prayer Ideas:

  • Pray for the work to answer Muslim accusations against the Bible. May God continue to raise up the appropriate people with the right understanding, abilities, gifts, and character to be effective in this ministry. For the difficult Izhār ul-Haqq project, such things as intellectual acumen or ability to debate will not suffice. Rather, there is a need for divine power to enable the Christian writers to “demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God.” The goal, as God’s Word expresses it so well, is to “take captive every thought to make it obedient to the Messiah” (2 Corinthians 10:5).
  • After a full response to the Izhār ul-Haqq is finally produced appropriate distribution channels will be needed to spread the material in print and audio-visual formats. Pray for God’s guidance, grace and provision.
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Video: A Muslim Student Challenges Ravi Zacharias [7:04]


  1. i thank you for informing me of this. 1st Peter 3:15-16 tells to “always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks for you to give the reason for the hope that you have. but do this will gentleness and respect” may we soon havea a powerful response to this book.

  2. As someone living in this part of the world, I would really appreciate a copy of this book once it is published, as my Muslim friends have so many questions, that i would like to answer respectfully but with authority…

  3. Sure you all are aware of, right?

  4. I love the answers Ravi Zacharias gave to this young man. I pray that the Holy Spirit give all of us boldness to defend the faith. We need to study our Bible More! There are people in other religions that put us to shame in their study habits. Th Jews and the Muslims are two in particular. May we always be ready to give an answer to people of the reason for the faith we have within us!

  5. I suggest that you contact the author of JESUS & Muhammad Mr.Mark Gabriel, even the book JESUS & Muhammad is an eye opener for our Muslim friends….

  6. So, according to you and the followers of this site, all Muslims are in need of salvation?

    This is what you preach?

    • That won´t be totally correct. According to the Bible all human kind is in need of salvation. That would include Muslims, Hindus, Christians, etc that, although having a religion, have not yet found salvation as the graceful fulfillment of Abraham´s promise.

    • Hello, Isa.

      Thank you for asking for clarification. Do you have access to the words of Jesus? If so, please read what Jesus said in John 3:16-18.

      I will pray for you.



  7. The Messianic Jewish fellowship that I have attended believes that Christians could fulfill this lack of community by becoming more like Paul in following Jewish customs and celebrating the festivals. Since we as Christians are “grafted in” or invited to partake it does seem reasonable to me.

    • I came across this site now and am not sure if you will receive my response. I hope you do. You are absolutely right. Read “Breaking the Jewish Code”. It is written by a Christian Pastor and is an incredible read. God chose the Jewish people to bring light to the rest of the world. Jesus was that light but He also taught the Jewish people how to worship, celebrate, give thanks, raise their children etc. This to is meant to passed on to us.

  8. It is good to reply to challenges from Islam- a defense- apologetics – but I prefer advancing a “better story” – the Good News of the KINGDOM-
    It is not just that Jesus has redeemed us, but that He offers new life and victory in His kingdom. Secondly, I like Yahweh’s own polemic that He alone is God, knows the future and has proven that knowledge by His predictions. Islam, like the idolaters opposing Isaiah, has NOTHING to compare. The Bible proves itself; end of argument.

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